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Recent developments in work–life balance in Finland

Blog post   •   Feb 22, 2018 13:00 GMT

The European Quality of Life Survey (EQLS), carried out by Eurofound every four years, explores a variety of aspects related to living standards, health, family and work–life balance, as well as people's happiness levels, satisfaction with their lives, and their perceptions regarding the quality of their society.

The latest survey results for Finland paint a generally positive picture of the country in 2016, just a year before the country’s 100th anniversary of its independence. Finland came out on top of the 28 EU Member States on several indicators: happiness, optimism about children’s future and the quality of education, to mention just a few. This no doubt reflects the fact that the economic and social development of Finland during the 20th century has led to an exceptionally high quality of life in this Nordic country – a cause for celebrations, indeed.

However, the EQLS 2016 results regarding work–life balance reveal that combining life and work in Finland today is proving quite challenging – and the findings are especially worrying for women and people in the lowest income quartile...

Read the full blog: Eurofound website

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