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The digital age: opportunities and challenges for work and employment

Industrial relations

Labour market change

Monitoring convergence in the European Union

Quality of life and public services

Working conditions and sustainable work

Eurofound corporate

  • Research Officer
  • Research on wages, aspects of job quality and labour market transitions
  • cvzna@azeuwqroixfodnunzod.gbeuudrorjpars.eaqujy
  • +353-1-2043212
Carlos Vacas Soriano is a research officer in the Employment unit at Eurofound. He works on topics related to wage and income... Show more

  • Envzrilhqunne.pcFEsvRNhxANalDEipZ-xiMAtvCImgASlb@euyc.caeuwdrohapajz.exrutv
Enrique Fernández-Macías is a former Research Manager at Eurofound. He currently works at the European Commission Joint Research Centre in... Show more

  • Research manager
  • Employment
  • johnhngg.hznuramlewyy@qneuvqrohrfovgunzfd.tmeuvpromwpahd.empuei
  • +353-1-204 3109
John Hurley is a research manager in the Employment unit. He took up the role of research manager in February 2012, having previously... Show more