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The digital age: opportunities and challenges for work and employment

Industrial relations

Labour market change

Monitoring convergence in the European Union

Quality of life and public services

Working conditions and sustainable work

Eurofound corporate

  • Workflow Officer
  • Cayftheterywinjxe.bsCeyzrfpo@enburivofmxouejndep.eqburiwopfka.lzeult
Catherine Cerf is the Workflow Officer in the Working Life Unit of Eurofound

  • Head of Unit, Employment
  • Irdeenmye.stMaiondzcl@yleuihroegfoayunoad.vjeujqrovjpaup.ehauvy

  • Research Officer
  • Mauythxjijden.pyWililkzlenmjs@cceuhrrozvfopuuntdd.rieufzroilpazy.eqeuqq
  • +353-1-204-3101
Mathijn Wilkens joined Eurofound in 2015 and works on projects about job quality and its effects on health and well-being, often using the... Show more

  • Research Manager
  • kfvoo@dheuflrolmfoxgunvtd.kheuxbrolvpann.eqguku
Klára Fóti is a research manager in the Social Policies unit. Her current research focuses on labour market integration of refugees and... Show more

  • National Outreach Manager
  • National outreach
  • cpirr@kzeuydroeffowkuntgd.djeutaromdpaow.exbupn
  • +353-1-204 3133
As the person responsible for national outreach at Eurofound I am liaising with our stakeholders across the 28 EU Member States on all... Show more

Jorge Cabrita is a research manager in the Working Life unit at Eurofound. He is rResponsible for formulating, coordinating and managing... Show more