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Composition of NEETs in Europe

News   •   Jan 17, 2018 15:30 GMT

Eurofound's new report on long-term unemployed youth identifies the factors that increase the risk of a young person being unemployed for longer periods, as well as the impacts of long-term unemployment on well-being and future employment prospects.  

The graph above, taken from the report,  shows the composition of NEETs in the EU. The largest category of NEETs aged 15–24 in 2015 were the short-term unemployed (comprising 26.5% of the NEET population), followed by the long-term unemployed (20.6%), those who were NEET due to family responsibilities (14.4%), re-entrants (9.4%) and those unavailable due illness or disability (8%). Around 6% of NEETs were discouraged workers, while the remaining 15% were ‘other inactive NEETs’. 

Read the report in full: Long-term unemployed youth: Characteristics and policy responses

Read our work programme for 2018:

Youth employment and inclusion issues will be addressed by Eurofound in 2018 as part of several strategic areas of intervention. Eurofound's programming document describes the organisations planned work over the programming period 2017–2020. It sets out the policy and institutional context for the programme, describes the multiannual programme for the four-year period and sets out the work programme for 2018.

Download: Programming document 2017–2020: Work programme 2018

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