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Eurofound launches new work programme

News   •   Jan 24, 2017 08:39 GMT

Eurofound’s newly launched programming document sets out the Agency’s planned work over the period 2017–2020. It outlines the policy and institutional context, describes the multiannual programme for the four-year period and details the work programme for 2017. This work will provide European decision-makers with an evidence base to formulate policies aimed at achieving upward convergence of living and working conditions in the European Union.

The document outlines six strategic areas of intervention in which Eurofound will carry out its activities: Working conditions and sustainable work; Industrial relations; Labour market change; Quality of life and public services; The digital age: Opportunities and challenges for work and employment; and Monitoring convergence in the European Union. The first four are the core areas where Eurofound has established its expertise over 40 years; these ensure continuity in the Agency’s work. The final two – the digital shift and convergence in the EU – capture crosscutting challenges that are likely to have a transforming influence on Eurofound’s specific fields of interest.

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