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Exploring potential of low-wage jobs

News   •   Jan 24, 2017 10:21 GMT

Low-wage jobs have been a focus of debate across Europe during 2016, the issues discussed also reflecting differing national concerns. For some countries, the key issue is integrating migrants into the labour market; for others, stimulating job creation. A new topical update examines the debate in six countries, illustrating a variety of objectives and responses. In Norway and Sweden, the priority is the inclusion of migrants and refugees.
For Spain, the key issue is unemployment and other domestic labour market difficulties. In Romania, controversy has surrounded recent increases in the minimum wage. In Hungary, the public works programme initiative has been a major contributing factor to the significant increase in the number of low-wage jobs. And in Germany, the labour market has been characterised by the flexibilisation of employment options, which favours low-wage jobs, such as the so-called mini-jobs.

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