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Keeping pace with the digital revolution

News   •   Jan 24, 2017 10:11 GMT

Countries across Europe are well aware of the need to embrace the digital transformation of the economy so that they are placed to reap its benefits. This was a point stressed in the contributions to Eurofound’s Foundation Seminar Series (FSS) 2016, the theme of which was the impact of digitalisation on work. The contributions, created by teams from 15 Member States, also highlighted the challenges that digitalisation presents, such as the urgent need to develop the skills to meet the demands of a digital economy. Other points include the implications of new employment relationships in the context of online crowdsourcing platforms and the doubled-edged potential of mobile technologies to offer more flexible work arrangements and to create expectations of around-the-clock availability. A review of the national contributions to the FSS 2016 has been published.

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