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Publication Alert: Working conditions of workers of different ages

News   •   Feb 06, 2018 09:00 GMT

Demographic change is changing the face of working life across the EU. The increased demand on a shrinking pool of workers to provide for the social needs of an ageing population is leading to increases in the employment rate of older workers and a lengthening of working life.

The new report on Working conditions of workers of different ages uses data from the latest European Working Conditions Survey in order analyse the different factors contributing to workers deciding to continue working in later life.

Policy reforms have – on the whole – focused on raising the statutory retirement age and providing financial incentives for older workers to remain in work beyond retirement age. However a range of other factors, analysed in this publication, also influence workers’ decision to continue working into old age – including health and well-being, work–life balance, career prospects and job security, and working conditions such as autonomy, hours of work and psychosocial aspects of the workplace.

Download the publication:

Working conditions of workers of different ages

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