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  • Research Information Officer
  • gdlbb@rbeuqvroibfozquntzd.rweurnroqlpakj.eycuwo
Camilla Galli da Bino is research information officer in the Working Life unit at Eurofound

  • Social Policies Trainee
  • Quality of life and public services
  • Laqourcha.ygPovlntftinpfenrh@eayurdjofvvoukdndvx.ecyurtmopsqa.pkeuta be
Laura Pöntinen is the Social Policies trainee at Eurofound, working primarily on the European Quality of Life Survey 2016.

  • Research Officer
  • Living Conditions and Quality of Life
  • daltnijoelkr.mqwoljminhaueoevown@evlurexofreouhqndkr.enpurdbopgca.ejeure
Daniel Molinuevo is a research officer in the Living Conditions and Quality of Life unit since June 2010. Prior to his appointment, Daniel... Show more

  • Head of Information and Communication
  • Mahsryxm.MtqcCymaurmghjheyav@enzurwsofgvougundbt.expurcyoprza.fceuki
  • +353-1-204-3240
Mary McCaughey is Head of Information and Communication in Eurofound, where she has worked since 2003. A graduate in Business and Politics... Show more

  • Research Manager
  • alrku@maeuuxrobcfoclunimd.voeuixrohnpasj.eaiuup
Anna Ludwinek is a Research Manager in the Social Policies unit at Eurofound. Since joining Eurofound in 2008, she has worked on issues... Show more

  • National Outreach Manager
  • National outreach
  • cpnnr@dveuqkroawfojeunocd.aweuzjroqppaek.eddurm
  • +353-1-204 3133
As the person responsible for national outreach at Eurofound I am liaising with our stakeholders across the 28 EU Member States on all... Show more

Erika Mezger is Deputy Director of Eurofound since July 2009. A graduate in public administration from the University of Konstanz,... Show more

  • Research Manager
  • tlude@ooeuujrozrfoaaunlid.epeuovrozupadt.evnuzu
  • +353-1-204-3123
​Tadas Leončikas is a research manager in the Social Policies unit at Eurofound. His main responsibilities relate to management of the... Show more

  • Director, Eurofound
Juan Menéndez-Valdés was appointed Director of Eurofound in December 2010 and is currently serving his second mandate. He is responsible... Show more

  • Research Officer
  • srtti@ooeuilrobufovqunurd.gneudiropbpaff.emtuoc
  • +353-1-204 3216
Sara Riso is a research officer in Eurofound, Dublin. She joined Eurofound in 2006 and she has been responsible for the European... Show more