Ten Steps to Data Quality



Speaker: Danette McGilvray

The Ten Steps to Data Quality course teaches a practical approach to creating, improving, and managing the quality of information critical to providing products and services, satisfying customers, and achieving goals for any type of organization. If you are working on real data quality-related issues that need real results, this is the course for you. What is learned applies to all kinds of data and every type of organization – for-profit businesses of all sizes, education, government, healthcare, and nonprofit – because all depend on trusted information to succeed.

Both concepts and practical application are included. Concepts provide a foundation for understanding data quality. Concepts are put into action through the Ten Steps™ process. Both are needed to apply the methodology appropriately to the many data quality related situations that attendees will face within their organizations. In addition to discussion and exercises (individual and as a group), attendees will practice what is learned by applying the steps and techniques to a course project of their choice.

Come with your particular needs in mind, be ready to participate, practice applying what is learned to your situation and leave with realistic methods for managing data quality.

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