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The Expo foundation gets workers union support for the project "stop racism in schools"

Press Release   •   Nov 17, 2010 13:42 GMT

The Expo foundation gets workers union support for the project "stop racism in schools"

The Swedish Transport Workers' Union Federal Executive has decided to initiate a collaboration with the The Expo foundation education department.

The  co-operation revolves around the school project "Stop racism in schools" and training on racism and xenophobia. The union donates thus SEK 300,000 to the Expo educational activities.
The staff from the Education Expo will be visiting practical high schools along with trade union representatives. Expo staff will give lectures on racism and xenophobia with the union representatives that are talking about the union's role in society.

Transports President Lars Lindgren said:

- The union fight means fighting for the equal value and equal right to decent working conditions. The struggle has always been pursued with the realization that there is more that unites us than divides us. Our current social climate sets people against each other to a greater extent than before, which could underpin the xenophobic views. We want this project to reach young people to discuss the real threats to a well-functioning labor market. It is a great responsibility on us who believe in equality of all people to stand up for it, and we are therefore pleased to deepen cooperation with the Expo foundation, "said Transport workers union chairman Lars Lindgren
Transport's contribution means that the "Stop the racism at the school" lives on in the new year.

- We are naturally delighted to be working with Transport and a number of other workers unions to extend the project. All are of course welcome, "said Expos Education manager Alexander Bengtsson.

The Expo Foundation is a privately-owned research foundation founded in 1995 with the aim of studying and mapping anti-democratic, right-wing extremist and racist tendencies in society. The foundation is run on a non-profit basis. The Expo platform safeguards democracy and freedom of speech against racist, right-wing extremist, anti-Semitic and totalitarian tendencies throughout society.

In 1995, the white-power music scene was at its peak and Sweden was the world's largest producer of hate propaganda. The same year, seven people were murdered in Sweden in Nazi-related violence.

The Expo Foundation was established in order to counteract the growth of the extreme right and the white power-culture in schools and among young people.

The initiative was taken by teachers, journalists and youths. Expo adopted a platform which was to be free from any links to specific parties or political groups, with the following purpose: to safeguard democracy and freedom of speech against racist, anti-Semitic and totalitarian tendencies throughout society.

The foundation is the publisher of Expo magazine. Editor-in-chief is Daniel Poohl.

Reports daily news on the homepage,

Maintains the Expo archive, the largest source of information on the extreme right and anti-democratic phenomena in all of Scandinavia.

Lectures and informs on the Swedish and European extreme right for, amongst others, teachers, politicians and journalists.

Carries out continuous research on the extreme right.

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