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Aluflex Wardlight. A versatile hospital ward luminaire with Tunable White

Press Release   •   Mar 11, 2016 14:00 GMT

“Human centric lighting, using the positive qualities of light to stimulate the healing process, is used in many leading hospitals and clinics today. With Wardlight, we wanted to provide a simple way to include Tunable White in the healthcare environment, without the need for advanced installations,” explains Product Manager Christer Liljegren.

The Tunable White concept is based upon changing the intensity and colour of the lighting over the course of the day. The artificial light simply mimics daylight, helping to ease the patient into a natural daily rhythm. Early in the morning the luminaire provides lower light levels and has a warmer colour temperature reminiscent of dawn. By Midday the intensity of the light has increased with a cooler colour temperature and, as the day draws to a close, the light levels and colour temperatures drop back to a lower, warmer level aligned with dusk. This function supports the patient’s natural daily rhythm and sleep patterns, particularly after traumas and operations.

“Wardlight is also available in an amber-coloured night setting, so that staff can turn the light on without triggering patients’ cortisol production.”

Wardlight includes many other functions: indirect general lighting and a direct-acting reading light, as well as examination lights for basic examinations. Different lighting scenarios, including Tunable White, are pre-set and controlled using DALI. The asymmetric light distribution ensures that the light gets to the right place for the task at hand.

The luminaire has a clean, timeless design that helps create a calm, harmonious healthcare environment. The surfaces are hygienically designed and easy to clean.

“Wardlight is a versatile luminaire that suits a number of different environments – not just hospital and recovery wards, but also care homes for the elderly. Many older people have difficulty sleeping, so a luminaire with Tunable White is a useful support tool.”

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