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Enhanced shop experience with Lighting Controls

Press Release   •   Mar 05, 2017 08:05 GMT

Lighting controls

Lighting control is an effective way to enhance the shopping experience and save energy in a shop. With e-Sense Customised Retail, Fagerhult offers lighting control for shops which is easy to comprehend and to work with.

Lighting control is the perfect tool to create a dynamic shop atmosphere and to maintain consumers interest.

”We strongly believe that the combination of new lighting control technology, well-planned lighting design and knowledge of in-store branding can enhance the shopping experience, guide the customer and increase sales”, says Linus Hall, product manager at Fagerhult.

At EuroShop 2017, Fagerhult presents a new package of lighting controls for Retail lighting. e-Sense Customised Retail offers a broad range of solutions for different customer needs. From basic solutions, such as controlling a certain area in a shop, to advanced settings controlling the whole shop’s lighting. By focusing on the four different application areas Window, Fit, Focus and Atmosphere, Fagerhult helps lighting designers and brand owners to focus on what they want to achieve, instead of which technical components to consider.

Window creates a vivid and interesting shop window during and after opening hours. By using effective light scenes, lighting control helps to attract customers to your shop. Fit allows you to adjust the light in the changing room to make customers feel comfortable. Focus makes the shopping experience inspiring by creating islands of interest and Atmosphere facilitates creative lighting concepts that enhance your brand.

For those craving an even easier and simplified approach on retail lighting controls, Fagerhult offers the Wireless Control Track Gear. It’s an easy to install and use plug and play system where you just plug in the lighting control components in the track. Then you can dim the lighting in that specific track up and down and turn it on and off.

”Lighting control needs to be easy to comprehend and to work with. e-Sense represents ease of use, efficiency, ergonomics and economy. Fagerhult's lighting solutions offer very high energy efficiency and, combining this with lighting control, you can reduce energy cost even further.”

For more information, please contact, Johan Wahlström, Head of Product and Marketing, Fagerhult Retail AB.

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