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Fagerhult launches double-parabolic LED louvres

Press Release   •   Sep 11, 2015 13:22 BST

Fagerhult will be among the first to launch a double-parabolic LED louvre. Beta Opti is based on the classic r5 louvre.

The transition to LED has involved a number of technical lighting challenges, not least when it comes to cut-off. This small, intensive light point risks dazzling people in a completely different way to the long, narrow fluorescent tube. To date, the industry – Fagerhult included – has solved the cut-off issue using microprismatic or opal louvres.

The aim has been to create a double-parabolic louvre that can also improve performance and user experience. Beta Opti makes use of the benefits of Medium Power LED and provides completely new options for efficient and ergonomic control of general and work lighting. The luminaires with Beta Opti satisfy the cut-off requirements in EN 12464-2 and are claimed to provide better lighting comfort than conventional light sources.

Fagerhult’s product developers found this solution by looking back in time. A similar problem was encountered in the 90s when the T5 light source was launched. This prompted the development of the r5 louvre – and Fagerhult has also developed this further in the new LED louvre.

Beta Opti has a modified r5 cross-blade that, in combination with side reflectors and a diffusing film, provides complete control of the luminous flux; efficiency has gone from 70 lm/W (T5) to approx. 120 lm/W and the aim is to achieve an even better value. The louvre has two different modules: one with direct light and one with an advanced combination of direct and wide-beam indirect light. 

A Swedish version of this press release is available in pdf-format. See the enclosed file below. 

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