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On Ground LED - Designed to be both tough and unnoticed

Press Release   •   Oct 06, 2015 14:19 BST

There can be many, often costly, difficulties associated with the installation of ground mounted floodlights. Drainage problems, vandalism and glare issues to name a few. The designer duo Erik Olsson and Jöran Linder decided to solve these problems their way with the ground mounted luminaire “On Ground” – now also available with LED.

– We often work in areas that rarely or never get to be a part of an urban development, nevertheless it's where a large part of the population live and work. And it's also where a lack of financial resources prevents in-ground luminares to be installed, with the problems and risks that it entails. The result is a poorer environment where beautifully lit trees and facades are becoming a scarced commodity, says Olsson & Linder.

Therefore “On Ground” was designed to withstand the most demanding environments, while at the same time not standing out or, better again, going unnoticed. An integrated base for in-situ casting is used and the rest of the luminaire is - as the name implies - above ground. All types of drainage problems can easily be avoided and the risk of being covered by falling leaves or snow is minimized.

The luminaire is also extremely durable. The luminaire housing is protected and the robust construction makes “On Ground” equipped to withstand heavy external impact.

– Luminaires are for a lighting designer, what tools are for a carpenter. In the same way as they have their personal favorites among all the hammers, screwdrivers and wrenches, we also have our faithful companions among all spotlights, floodlights and pole luminaires, says Olsson & Linder. We wanted to design an luminaire that could be that special tool for your toolbox. And now our toolbox is even more complete.

This press release is also available in Swedish, see the attached file. 

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