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Sweep & Scoot. Functional and stylish for ABOs

Press Release   •   Mar 11, 2016 14:00 GMT

The various areas of an activity-based office, for meetings, communication and concentrated work, stimulate constant movement and change.

“Writing and computing work is not just done at desks and in the meeting room – the working light needs to be just as good in the cafeteria, sitting areas or the library. The flexible offices are also built so that the furniture can be rearranged often according to requirements, which has led to greater demand for effective workplace lighting that does not follow the form of the desk in such a pronounced way,” explains Product Manager Peter Björkman.

The Sweep and Scoot luminaires, designed by PetterssonRudberg, are Fagerhult’s contribution to a more functional and flexible lighting environment in activity-based offices.

“Both luminaires combine indirect general lighting and a direct-acting working light, fulfiling the basic lighting requirements in a single solution, ensuring, you get an excellent glare-free light for working at a computer monitor, wherever you choose to take it.”

Sweep & Scoot can also be complemented with Tunable White and the e-Sense Tune control system, which makes it possible to create individual lighting scenarios that are easy to control from a smartphone or tablet app. Choose a colder, more intense light for work that requires high energy and concentration. And a warmer light with a lower output in more relaxed situations. Entirely in line with the ABO philosophy.

Sweep is shaped like a cut-off sphere with a light distribution of 60% direct light and 40% indirect light. Scoot is shaped like a supercircle with a light distribution of 70% direct light and 30% indirect. The luminaires have a harmonious design language and are perfect in combination, as well as in isolation, depending upon the needs of the space. For example, a larger proportion of direct light may be preferable in situations where the need for working light is greater, such as at conference tables or in workplaces.

Both luminaires are available with an opal or delta microprism louvre. The opal diffuser in Sweep is curved inside the luminaire housing, which produces an appealing, spherical and entirely glare-free effect when looking inside the luminaire. The luminaires have a tactile surface with a rubber-like matt finish, and are available in the standard colours white, black, light blue, light green and orange.

Fagerhult is one of Europe’s leading lighting groups with approximately 2,400 employees and operations in 20 countries. We create modern products and exciting, energy-efficient environmentally-adapted lighting installations, successfully integrated into their individual environments. The Group includes such strong brands as Fagerhult, Ateljé Lyktan, Whitecroft Lighting, Eagle Lighting, LTS Licht & Leuchten, I-Valo, DesignPlan, Arlight and Lighting Innovations.