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Finland receives the best triple-A rating from Moody's

News   •   May 02, 2014 14:56 BST

Moody's has given Finland the best Aaa credit rating with a stable outlook. According to Moody's the rating outlook is stable because Finnish authorities have responded to the economical challenges Finland is facing with reforms designed to regain competitiveness and spur both short term and long term growth. Moody's states that Finland's strengths include a consensus-oriented and proactive policy framework and relatively healthy public finances. It also notes that because Finland’s education system is among the world's best, this leads into an innovative and skilled workforce. 

According to Moody's Finland's credit weaknesses relate mainly to a steep downturn in demand for output from two key economic sectors, telecommunications and forestry. They also observe that although Finnish unemployment is lower than the European average, a large proportion of the jobless need intensive retraining to become employable. The population is also ageing more rapidly than in other European countries, which severely constrains labor's contribution to economic growth. 

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