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Finland’s healthcare system in Europe's top ten

News   •   Dec 03, 2013 15:07 GMT

Finland’s healthcare system has been ranked the 10th best in Europe by Euro Health Consumer Index (EHCI) 2013. The index, provided by Health Consumer Powerhouse, is based on the seventh study made on European healthcare systems among 35 European countries.

The countries are ranked on 48 indicators such as accessibility of treatment (waiting times), patient rights and information, prevention and medical outcomes.

The report states that “Finland has established itself among the European champions” with top outcomes at a fairly low cost. “In fact, Finland is a leader in value-for-money healthcare,” the report says.

However the report criticizes Finnish healthcare system for being “somewhat old-style” in the sense that national authorities have not paid too much attention to user-friendliness. This means that waiting times are still long, dental care is limited and out of pocket-payment also for prescription drugs is higher than in other Nordic countries.

The Netherlands secured its top position for the fourth year in a row, scoring 870 of a maximum 1,000 points. It was followed by Switzerland, Iceland, Denmark, Norway, Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg, France and Finland. The lowest scores were achieved by Romania, Portugal and Latvia.

Source and further information: FBCCGood News from FinlandHealth Consumer Powerhouse