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Finland's nation brand is the 14th strongest in the world

News   •   Dec 17, 2013 18:06 GMT

Brand Finance

Finland’s nation brand is amongst the top 20 strongest nation brands in the world, measured by the Brand Strength Index (BSI)

The Brand Finance Nation Brands 2013 report ranks Finland as 14th strongest nation brands with an AA rating. That is on the scale from AAA, being the strongest rating, to the lowest rating of DDD. Finland was ranked especially high in the segment of people and skills. Finland’s brand value also increased 4% from 2012 to 287 billion US dollars, yet the country’s value based ranking dropped to 31st from the 27th previous year.

Brand Finance, which is an independent global business specialising in brand values, measures strength and value of the nation brand based on the GDP and segments such as investment, tourism, products and services, people and skills. 

Switzerland has the strongest nation brand followed by Singapore, the USA, Germany, the UK and Sweden. The USA is the valuable nation brand in dollar terms valued at 17,990 billion US dollars. China is in the second place and Germany in the third place.

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