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Finland showed a substantial growth in attracting foreign investment

News   •   May 29, 2014 16:41 BST

Direct foreign investments in Europe reached their highest level ever in 2013. According to Ernst & Young’s European Attractiveness Survey, Finland showed the biggest growth rate in both attracting and initiating investments. The largest investor in Europe was the United States, as in 2012, but the investments from Brazil, Russia, India and China ar constantly increasing.  

Foreign investment projects initiated in Finland increased by 44 per cent, from 75 in 2012 to108 projects in 2013. Helsinki region attracted 90 projects, up 48 per cent from 2012. Both witnessed the strongest growth in the whole of Europe compared to 2012. In addition to attracting investors also the investment projects initiated by Finns in Europe grew by 63 per cent from the previous year’s 43 projects to 70, which means that Finland showed the strongest growth as an investor too. The projects initiated in Finland created six jobs per project on average, while the European average stood at 42 jobs per project. The investments resulted in a total of 639 new jobs, which is more than twice the amount of jobs created in the previous year. 

Jaakko Hirvola, EY Finland's Managing Partner says that the increasing number of foreign investments in and by Finland indicates that the Finnish economy is networking more strongly on a global scale. He adds that it is good to see that despite Finland's rather gloomy economic forecasts foreign companies still find the market attractive by establishing particularly sales and marketing operations here, and that also Finnish companies are seeking growth from abroad through investments. 

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