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Pint Please from Oulu launches in the UK

News   •   Sep 04, 2014 13:23 BST

The Finnish beer app 'Pint Please' has just been launched in the UK, and is growing popular in London. In honour of the launch more than 100 British pubs are serving a specialPint Please beer brewed by Oakham Ales.

Pint Please is a tool that users can use to keep track of the beers they have enjoyed, get recommendations on beers they might like, and which pub is worth visiting. All of the recommended beers and pubs are local, so the app finds pubs and beers near to you. Pubs and breweries can use the app as a sales and marketing tool, and it offers them the opportunity to target their advertising at a specific group. With the app pubs and breweries can also receive information on the preferences of their customers. 
Juha Karppinen, the creator of the app, says that the idea behind the Pint Please application came to him in a pub, “like any good idea”. “I was sitting in a pub a couple of years ago and I was having  trouble recalling the name of a good beer that I’d had at the same pub couple of weeks earlier. I discussed the problem with my friends Miikka Laine, Marko Kivijärvi and Veikko Tapaninen and they all seemed to share my problem remembering the names of beers. As the guys all happened to be extremely qualified programmers and graphic artists, we decided to come up with a solution” Juha Karppinen says. The application can be used anywhere in the world but is only available for downloading in Finland, Malta and the UK. The UK is the key market area for Pint Please, but also other countries with a strong beer culture such as Germany, Belgium, Denmark, Australia, the Netherlands and the Czech Republic are potential markets for the app.