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Vallila’s new wallpaper collection "Kompassi " is a trendsetter in interior design

Press Release   •   Jun 14, 2013 10:24 BST

Vallila is complementing its product range with a forward-looking wallpaper collectionIt consists of high-quality non-woven wallpapers designed and made in Finland. The designs fit any size interior – they can either decorate a large surface or act as an accent that is combined with the solid coloured wallpapers in the collection. 

The 'Kompassi' collection (Compass) leads from one atmosphere to another. It includes the familiar Kelohonka and Panimo themes; it is also inspired by sceneries from the Finnish archipelago and historical maps from The John Nurminen Foundation. The collection also contains youthful graphic lines and urban city views. Matching solid coloured wallpapers complete the collection.  
The ornamental Kaleidoskooppi, designed by Matleena Issakainen, is powerful and leads thoughts into the eastern mysticism. Riina Kuikka’s Oksa on the other hand evokes the familiar atmosphere of summer: a view from sitting under a tree looking upwards, tree branches forming a canopy. The experimental decorator will use Oksa to wallpaper the ceiling instead of the walls! 
Tanja Orsjoki brings along all-time Vallila classic, the Kelohonka wallpaper. Tanja's Melissa is a romantic flower design full of nostalgia. The floral theme is continued by Saara Eklund’s Kullanmuru. The design is full of depth and wonderful details.  The collection challenges to integrate, to experiment and to surprise. In order to offer a cohesive collection, five carefully selected solid coloured wallpapers have been included in the collection. The solid wallpapers can either emphasise certain elements or tone down others. The pearlescent tones used to complement the colours bring depth to the designs and bring them alive.
User friendly non-woven wallpapers The non-woven wallpaper is easy to use – just apply the paste on the wall and place the dry wallpaper on it. You can still move the paper around once it is on the wall, incase it needs adjusting. The material is mix of cellulose and polyester fiber – well-suited e.g., for kitchens as it is more durable than a standard paper and can be wiped with a damp cloth. The wallpapers are manufactured by Sandudd Oy, a well-known Finnish wallpaper maker founded in 1885.

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