Flubit to continue its support for the National Literacy Trust by giving away books to schools

Press Releases   •   Sep 05, 2014 10:07 BST

Following the huge success of its inaugural Book Month, Flubit.com is seeking to raise more money for the National Literacy Trust by involved the nation’s young book fans.

Flubit Shortlisted for the National Business Awards

Blog posts   •   Aug 21, 2014 13:30 BST

Innovative eCommerce technology startup, Flubit.com has been shortlisted for The New Business of the Year award for the 2014 National Business Awards. Flubit.com is an online shopping service that creates better offers, individually tailored to users on items they’re ready to buy, and gives UK online retailers the chance to win back orders they’ve already lost.

Flubit.com shortlisted for an eCommerce Retailer of the Year Award

Press Releases   •   Aug 21, 2014 12:00 BST

Disruptive online marketplace Flubit.com has been shortlisted for an eCommerce Retailer of the Year category in this year's prestigious eCommerce Awards.

Flubit's Book Month gets off to a flying start to raise thousands for the National Literacy Trust

Press Releases   •   Aug 15, 2014 08:44 BST

With hundreds of books reviews submitted and thousands of pounds being raised for the National Literacy Trust, Flubit's Book Month has already proved a winner at just the halfway mark.

Flubit's Book Month Looks to Take on Amazon at Their Own Game

Press Releases   •   Jul 30, 2014 22:29 BST

Online shopping service Flubit.com are looking to disrupt Amazon's dominance of the book market by dedicating the month of August to creating better offers on their catalogue of over 10 million books.

According to The Publishers Association just 16% of total books are sold digitally, showing the physical book is still king, and reports out of the US suggest that the growth in consumers switching to e-books is tapering.

Amazon originally made their name as an online bookstore when they launched 20 years ago, but if recent reports are to be believed they've been piling the pressure on publishers to provide even larger discounts to drive their margins. With Amazon being the highest volume sales channel for many publishers this pressure is hard to resist forcing them to agree to challenging terms.

Flubit believe this is an area where Amazon's dominance can be challenged, as CEO and Founder Bertie Stephens explains "We're working with some of the biggest names in book retailing and because of our private marketplace we know we can beat Amazon when it comes to giving our customers a better offer.  We have millions of discounted books available.  So many in fact that if you laid out every book we have available through our online retailers they would reach from London to Rome!"

Having already eaten into Amazon's UK market share across numerous verticals Flubit.com have ambitions to become a credible alternative for UK book retailers and publishers as Stephens suggests: "With Amazon charging UK book sellers commissions of over 17% they are already generating healthy revenues from the publishing industry. This is a large chunk to take away when margins are already being squeezed but represents an opportunity for flubit.com. Our dynamic margins and valuable market data mean we can work with retailers to ensure they are getting the prices they want, whilst the customer still gets a great deal."

Customers have already saved thousands of pounds buying their books through Flubit.com. Users simply provide the web link of the book they are about to buy online and Flubit creates a better, unique offer that won't exist elsewhere.

As well as asking users to submit book reviews and micro Twitter reviews for free books Flubit will be working with the local community and a literacy charity supporting them through donations.

To find out more about the initiative visit flubit.com/books

Founded in 2012 by Bertie Stephens and Adel Louertatani, Flubit.com is an online shopping service that creates private better offers for UK consumers on products they are ready to buy. It works with a range of independent UK online retailers.

Flubit’s conversion rate is more than 25% (almost 10 times the industry average) and was named Startup of the Year at the London Web Summit in 2013. In just 18 months, Flubit.com have already had over 1.5 million website visits and created nearly 300,000 discounted offers for their growing customer base, representing savings of over £1.5 million for UK consumers.

For more information or for an interview, please contact Gary Dalton, Head of Marketing on 07919 573701 or email gary.dalton@flubit.com.

With Amazon becoming an increasingly dominant force when it comes to book sales many publishers and retailers are reportedly struggling to cope with the terms being offered. Flubit.com provides consumers and book retailers with a real alternative and to highlight this they've just launched their Book Month which will be taking place throughout the month of August.

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Gamification, big data and loyalty points is the secret to Flubit's strong user growth and repeat custom

Press Releases   •   Jun 26, 2014 22:51 BST

London, 27th June 2014  Since launching in October 2012 ecommerce technology start up Flubit has been quietly going about its business already saving online shoppers over £1.5 million and driving large volumes of orders to UK online retailers.

Flubit.com is an online shopping service that creates better, personalised offers on products that customers are ready to buy. It doesn’t list products but instead empowers consumers to demand a cheaper price on products they want, whenever they want. It works closely with hundreds of independent UK online retailers, across multiple verticals to create private, discounted offers for its users.

Flubit CEO and Founder Bertie Stephens explains the vision. “Our unique demand led buying model gives consumers better prices on products they actually want and UK online retailers a real alternative to the existing major marketplaces. Through Flubit.com and our partners we’ve created a lucrative new sales channel giving access to millions of customers, where merchants don’t have to pay excessive commissions and sacrifice their margins.”

The recently announced partnership with Barclaycard represents an exciting new opportunity, which could benefit thousands of UK online retailers as well as millions of consumers, but Stephens sees data and innovation as key to Flubit’s success. “To keep our users coming back time and again we’ve made Flubit.com as engaging as possible for users and have introduced an element of gamification through the intelligent use of data and our loyalty programme. We’ve generated thousands of new users through our points and referral based loyalty scheme and our customers use those points to enhance their experience.”

Having already delivered some impressive metrics, including a 30% sales conversion rate, and 1 in 2 customers returning to buy each month, Flubit also achieved recognition in 2013 by winning the London Web Summit competition. However, for Stephens there is still a lot more to do. “The size of our current product inventory already makes us one of the biggest ecommerce market places around but we are still aggressively growing our merchant base. We’ve got ambitious plans for the future and are continuing to look to innovate and disrupt. This coupled with partnerships such as Barclaycard gives Flubit the potential to transform e-commerce in the UK for both consumers and retailers."

Interested online retailers can find out more about selling on Flubit.com and its partners at weflubit.com.


Founded in 2012 by Bertie Stephens and Adel Louertatani, Flubit.com is a platform that creates better offers for consumers on products they are ready to buy.

Flubit helps smaller merchants compete with e-commerce giants without having to sacrifice their margins. WeFlubit.com is the merchant facing website which allows online retailers the ability to sign up to the platform.

Online merchants can sign up to WeFlubit.com and can automatically sell on both Flubit and Barclay’s new platform. Online sellers who register today will not have to pay a registration fee.

Flubit’s conversion rate is more than 25% (almost 10 times industry average) and was named Startup of the Year at the London Web Summit in 2013.

For more information or for an interview, please contact Gary Dalton, Head of Marketing on 07919 573701.

UK ecommerce technology start up Flubit.com is disrupting online shopping. It creates better, personal offers for consumers and is giving UK online retailers the opportunity to access millions of consumers. Much of its success is down to its unique demand led model and the emphasis on using big data and a customer loyalty scheme to drive growth and repeat custom.

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Press Releases   •   Jun 04, 2013 15:28 BST

Flubit are allowing online partners the ability to access their platform to help monetise their sites and add value to customer relationships. The technology behind the innovative online shopping service has been two years in the making and Flubit believes could benefit website owners, big and small, who are looking for new ways to drive revenue.

InvisibleHand and Flubit get together to help even more UK consumers save online

Press Releases   •   May 30, 2013 14:57 BST

InvisibleHand and Flubit.com have teamed up and integrated their technologies to ensure InvisibleHand users can always get a better price when shopping online.

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