Meet award-winning plant-based Oumph! at SIAL Paris

Press Releases   •   Oct 15, 2018 19:38 BST

Oumph! and Food for Progress are exhibiting their award-winning plant-based foods at SIAL 21-25/10. ​Stand 6 A 005. "Exhibiting at SIAL Paris is part of our expansion plans", says Anders Wallerman, co-founder and Managing Director at Food for Progress. "Oumph! has helped increase a flow of new consumers to try plant-based food, and we'd like for Oumph! to create the same impact in new markets".

Oumph! now in 620 Holland & Barrett stores

Press Releases   •   Oct 05, 2018 10:45 BST

Multi award-winning plant-based Oumph! is now available in 620 Holland & Barrett stores across the UK. 4 varieties are part of the initial launch: Pulled Oumph!, Kebab Spiced, Thyme & Garlic and The Chunk. Oumph! is made from soya beans and organic herb and spice mixes, and free from gluten and dairy. It's versatile and easy to cook, which makes it suitable for home cooks as well as food services.

Heat and Oumph! on Pizza Hut Sweden's new menu

Press Releases   •   Sep 27, 2018 18:09 BST

Pizza Hut Sweden is now launching a brand-new menu focusing on enhanced flavour sensations and heat. The menu features several new vegan and lacto-ovo vegetarian dishes, of which two include Oumph!: Baked Potato Skins and the BBQ No Meat Hot'n Sweet Pizza. Oumph! also becomes an option for those who want to choose their pizza topping themselves.

Oumph! Kebab Spiced wins Best Vegan Meat award

Press Releases   •   Sep 27, 2018 10:24 BST

​​Oumph! Kebab Spiced has been awarded ​Best Vegan Meat by​ PETA UK. PETA's verdict reads: "Oumph! produces a selection of vegan meats, all of which are very tasty. Our favourite variety, though, is Kebab, which is seasoned with a host of classic kebab spices. Once you taste it, you’ll know why it’s called Oumph!"

Oumph! plant-based pizza finally in the UK

Press Releases   •   Sep 07, 2018 16:38 BST

Oumph! are launching their plant-based frozen Italian Style pizza in 179 Tesco stores in the UK from 16th of September. The Oumph! Italian Style pizza is inspired by Italy with semi-dried tomatoes, rocket, thyme and garlic seasoned Oumph!, and organic and plant-based cheese. The pizza base is hand-stretched and baked in a wood-fired brick oven.

Oumph! x 3 at Wayne's Coffee

Press Releases   •   Aug 13, 2018 14:50 BST

Now there are more vegan options to choose from at Wayne's Coffee. Already today, you can power up your lunch with a fresh and filling Pulled Oumph!, lentil and sweet potato salad. Later in August, a new vegan wrap and bagel will also be launched.

From Atria to Food for Progress

Press Releases   •   Aug 29, 2018 08:41 BST

Swedish food company Food for Progress, with plant-based brands like Oumph! and Beat, recruits Hans Mathiason as Head of Taste and Texture. He is trained in processed meats and comes from a position as product developer at Atria Scandinavia. Prior to that, he worked at Dafgård, where he held several different roles.

From Lantmännen to Oumph!

Press Releases   •   Aug 14, 2018 14:38 BST

Swedish food company Food for Progress hires Victoria Norviit as Brand and Category Manager for the vegan success Oumph! She comes from a position as Category Manager at Lantmännen Unibake.

Oumph! enters the cooking stage at Just V Show in London 6-8 July

Press Releases   •   Jun 07, 2018 11:00 BST

​Award-winning ​Oumph! returns to Just V Show, in London 6-8 July, as this year’s official kitchen sponsor. Oumph!'s own chefs Fredrik Kämpenberg and Peter Segerblom will be cooking alongside a number of guest chefs, including Annabelle Randles aka The Flexitarian and Rob Warren - Veggie LAD demonstrating the versatility of Oumph! which makes is suitable for home cooking as well as food service.

Norwegian Peppe's Pizza goes Oumph!

Press Releases   •   May 01, 2018 08:59 BST

Peppe's Pizza, Scandinavia's largest pizza chain with 76 restaurants, is now launching a plant-based menu including two different Oumph! pizzas and a burger. They are also adding Oumph! as an option for the guests who want to choose their topping themselves.

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About Food for Progress

Driving a new food logic

Food for Progress is driving a new food logic. We work hands on with climate, health and food security. Co-creation is our core value and global impact our goal. Our Brands: Oumph! and Beat .


We will soon be 9 billion people. And we only have 1 planet. We need to eat in a way that allows us all to thrive within the planetary boundaries. But we do not do that today. What we eat today, and what we should be eating, for the sake of ourselves and the planet, are two different things.

That is stupid! Our solution is action.

We love co-creating with partners who want the same thing as we do. When we open up, share risk, opportunities and resources, we multiply our common leverage. For us, it is a methodology for driving innovation and sustainable growth. And maximizing impact.

Our operations are structured into four divisions; Our Brands, Joint Venture, Private Label and Trading. We have two production plants, both certified by the BRC standard and for KRAV/EU Organic production. One is focused on producing a wide range of plant based foodstuff. The other is an ice cream plant, and in transition to being fully plant based. Both are situated around 100 km from Gothenburg in the west of Sweden.

We work on a global scale. All partners involved are connecting strong existing networks, logistic infrastructures and market know how to enable strong local impact on each market. We see this as the foundation for reaching the common goal of One Planet Food at the right speed.


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