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Epic campaign for Mutant: Year Zero revealed in the Elysium Kickstarter - The Gray Death

News   •   Nov 28, 2018 14:30 GMT

A new power is rising in the Zone. A disciplined fighting force, calling itself the Army of the Dawn, has recently seized land and established outposts in the Zone. Who controls the Army of the Dawn and what are they truly after?

MUTANT: THE GRAY DEATH is an epic campaign for the award-winning tabletop RPG Mutant: Year Zero where mutants, animals, robots and humans must set their differences aside and work together to face a threat that could change the Dawnworld forever. 

The adventure has been added as a brand-new stretch goal that is part of the current Mutant: Elysium Kickstarter by Free League Publishing.

The Gray Death adds an over-arching metaplot for Mutant: Year Zero and the stand-alone expansions Genlab Alpha, Mechatron and Elysium and brings them into a larger narrative. The adventure is written by Michael Petersén, one of the original game writers of the first Mutant RPG and is an homage to a classic campaign published in the 1980s.

If the stretch goal is reached, backers of Mutant: Elysium will get The Gray Death as well, in PDF or as a printed hardback book.

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