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​Final day for Crusader Kings the Board Game Kickstarter Campaign

Press Release   •   Jun 18, 2018 10:40 BST

With one day to go, the Kickstarter campaign for Crusader Kings the Board Game created by Free League Publishing has been a massive success. The campaign has gained the support from thousands of backers across the world and raised more than $450 000. The set goal for the campaign was $57 000.

The backstabbing and intrigue of medieval Europe is being brought to life as players will compete in Crusader Kings for military, religious, and political power. All while partaking in the crusades, experiencing the strange events of a medieval ruler and making sure they have have suitable heirs ready to take over the throne in the iconic medieval intrigue of Paradox Interactive’s long-running PC franchise.

The crowdfunding campaign ends tomorrow, Tuesday, June 19th.

Crusader Kings the Board Game is available to back on Kickstarter:


Crusader Kings the Board Game - Hands-on Preview by UndeadViking [Video]

Crusader Kings the Board Game - Hands-on preview by UndeadViking

Crusader Kings the Board Game - Player reactions at PDXCON [Video]

Crusader Kings the Board Game - Player reactions at PDXCON

18 stretch goals have been unlocked, including miniatures, solo and two-player mode, two brand new scenario: The Ninth Crusade and The Barons Crusade as well as the horse Glitterhoof as a Character Card - marryable as a spouse - in the board game.


"It’s an appealing premise: all of Crusader Kings’ drama and intrigue in the length of time it takes me to get through a couple of years of the PC game. The real hook, though, is the social layer, with everyone looming over a map, making pacts and plotting in whispers. Crusader Kings The Board Game does what Crusader Kings 2 just simulates."

"It’s very much the kind of story engine that fans of Crusader Kings on PC will enjoy. In just a handful of plays of the game I’d seen the kinds of stories that you play dozens of hours of the PC game for. I saw a king of England assassinated and married off three awful daughters to make room for a useful heir in my crowded house. … Overall, Crusader Kings felt like a game that was true to the PC legacy while shedding the more onerous simulation of a grand strategy experience for a sleeker form. "

"It does do a fantastic job of capturing the CK spirit."

”Crusader Kings, a sort of Diplomacy meets hand management meets soap opera title … There’s a very high interactive component in Crusader Kings, and the idea of a map game that doesn’t just rely on who takes over the most regions is very appealing.”

Free League Publishing is a Swedish publisher dedicated to speculative fiction. We have published several award-winning tabletop role-playing games and critically acclaimed art books set in strange and wondrous worlds.

Our first game, the post-apocalyptic Mutant: Year Zero was awarded a Silver ENnie for Best Rules 2015. The sci-fi adventure Coriolis - The Third Horizon, was awarded a Judge's Spotlight Award at Gencon. And we are proud to say that our latest roleplaying game Tales from the Loop RPG based on Simon Stålenhags iconic artbooks made a grand slam at the ENnie Awards 2017, winning five Gold ENnies - among them Best Game.

Our upcoming fantasy RPG is Forbidden Lands, with art by critically acclaimed artist Simon Stålenhag and iconic Swedish fantasy artist Nils Gulliksson, lore by fantasy author Erik Granström and game design by the team that created Mutant: Year Zero, Coriolis: The Third Horizon and Tales from the Loop RPG. Forbidden Lands was the third most successful RPG Kickstarter in the world 2017 and was recently named one of the most anticipated RPGs of 2018 by EN World.

We have also released the critically acclaimed art books Things from the Flood and Tales from the Loop by artist Simon Stålenhag. His third book The Electric State has been released by Free League Publishing exclusively to the backers of the kickstarter campaign.


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