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Our Friends the Machines Are Here

Press Release   •   Dec 11, 2017 13:59 GMT

Our Friends the Machines & Other Mysteries cover art by Simon Stålenhag

Our Friends the Machines & Other Mysteries, the first official supplement for the multiple award-winning Tales from the Loop RPG, has just been released by Free League Publishing.

This 104-page hardback book is loaded with three awesome mysteries, a new mystery landscape based on iconic 80s songs, machine blueprints, a brand new Loop map, and more, all illustrated by the acclaimed art of Simon Stålenhag.

Tales from the Loop RPG won no less than five Gold ENnies at Gencon this year, including Best Game and Product of the Year.

Our Friends the Machines & Other Mysteries is available now in the Free League webshop, in both English and Swedih editions. Some of the contents:

  • Our Friends the Machines. A mystery about a product launch of a new line of action toys that suddenly takes a turn to the weird.
  • Horror Movie Mayhem. The ’80s was the decade of moral panic, when everything new was dangerous and corrupting. In this mystery the Kids will investigate what is really happening in and around the local video store.
  • The Mummy in the Mist. There are whispering rumors that it is back again. The mummy down by the lake. Roaming the beaches by night, looking for something, hungering after something. It will be up to the Kids to solve this mystery.
  • A Mixtape of Mysteries. Eight short mysteries based on classic pop songs from the era.
  • Machine Blueprints. Schematics, backgrounds and adventure hooks for four advanced and iconic machines from the world of the Loop.
  • Hometown Hack. A guide to creating your very own setting for the game, complete with the Norfolk Broads, a UK-based Loop.

For a review copy, send an email to

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