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Cruise season gets under way in Gothenburg

Press Releases   •   Apr 13, 2017 09:30 BST

The cruise season in Gothenburg will get under way over the Easter weekend. During the next few months, 60,000 tourists are expected to arrive by cruise ship to discover the sights of the city. There will 44 visits by cruise ships to the Port of Gothenburg this year. First to arrive will be Aida Cara, which is due to berth at Frihamnen on Good Friday.


Port of Gothenburg replants vital eelgrass

Press Releases   •   Feb 13, 2017 08:12 GMT

The Port of Gothenburg has embarked on a major project that will involve replanting 1.7 hectares of vital eelgrass meadows that will disappear with the building of a new terminal as part of the Port’s expansion programme.

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America Cruise Terminal – new location for cruise ships

Press Releases   •   Feb 02, 2017 09:26 GMT

Over 100 years ago, the first Swedish American Line vessel sailed for the USA from Stigbergskajen in Gothenburg. This historic quay is now being resurrected as a cruise reception centre under the name America Cruise Terminal. “Gothenburg has developed considerably as a maritime city,” said Jill Söderwall, Vice President Cruise at Gothenburg Port Authority.

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Rise in freight volumes at the Port of Gothenburg

Press Releases   •   Feb 02, 2017 08:22 GMT

Freight volumes at the Port of Gothenburg rose by almost three million tonnes in 2016 - up from 38.2 million tonnes in 2015 to 40.9 million tonnes last year. Car exports-imports and energy products enjoyed a particularly successful year with rises of 15 and 12 per cent respectively. Container volumes were down three per cent. The freight figures for 2016 have just been released.

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Growing number of vessels receive environmental discount at the Port of Gothenburg

Press Releases   •   Jan 18, 2017 08:11 GMT

Last year, one in three ships at the Port of Gothenburg received an environmental discount on the port charges. This represents an increase of 83 per cent on the previous year. Heading the discount list are Donsö-based shipping companies Tärntank Ship Management AB and Furetank AB, whose vessels are powered by liquefied natural gas.

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Increased traffic between Gothenburg and Belgium

Press Releases   •   Nov 22, 2016 12:12 GMT

Belgium is Sweden’s eighth largest export market. The Swedish shipping company SOL is about to expand its departure frequency between the Port of Gothenburg and the Belgian port of Zeebrugge. The change will offer greater scope for Swedish import and export companies to ship freight to and from Belgium.

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New freight service from Gothenburg to Rotterdam

Press Releases   •   Nov 02, 2016 07:33 GMT

The opening of a new freight service to Rotterdam will be a welcome development, presenting further opportunities for Swedish industry. The company behind the new service is the ro-ro* carrier CLdN, whose vessels will call at the Port of Gothenburg twice a week.

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Intermodal terminal moves to the port of Gothenburg

Press Releases   •   Oct 25, 2016 09:34 BST

Plans are in place to move the internmodal freight terminal currently located in the central city of Gothenburg to the Port of Gothenburg. The switch will allow a higher proportion of transport by rail instead of road.

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Prologis phase one fully leased – Logent move into new facility in March

Press Releases   •   Oct 11, 2016 09:16 BST

Logent will be the first tenant in the Prologis section of Gothenburg Logistics Park. They are due to move into the 25,500 square metre building in March next year.


New study: import companies benefit from locating distribution centres in Gothenburg

Press Releases   •   Oct 06, 2016 13:01 BST

Gothenburg is the pre-eminent location for a distribution centre in Scandinavia, particularly for import companies with large volumes passing through the Port of Gothenburg. This was revealed in a new study published by the consultancy company SWECO.

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About Port of Gothenburg

Scandinavia's largest port

Fact file: Port of Gothenburg
The Port of Gothenburg is the largest port in the Nordic region. One-third of Swedish foreign trade passes through the Port of Gothenburg as well as 60 per cent of all container traffic.

The Port of Gothenburg is the only port in Sweden with the capacity to receive the world's largest container vessels and has the broadest range of shipping routes within and outside Europe. The 25 rail shuttles that depart each day mean that companies throughout Sweden and Norway have a direct, environmentally smart link to the largest port in the Nordic region. The Port of Gothenburg has terminals for oil, cars, ro-ro, containers and passengers.

Data 2014:
Total volumes: 40 million tonnes of cargo
Containers: 837.000 TEUs containers
Ro/ro units: 549.000 ro/ro units
New cars: 166.000 new cars
Passengers: 1.8 million passengers
Oil: 19,2 million tonnes of oil