"I baked my first few cakes at my friend’s house"

Press Releases   •   Jul 06, 2018 09:59 BST

Britt Whyatt, also known as, She Who Bakes, at just 30, is a multi-award-winning blogger, baker, content creation consultant, public speaker and mental health advocate. In her book Cakes Bakes and Business - the practical guide to starting your home-baking enterprise, you can, turn your passion into profit, get the confidence to take the next step, market your business effectively.

Podcast Yourself To Your Sexy best

Press Releases   •   Jun 29, 2018 17:55 BST

The number 1 host of Join Up Dots Podcast, broadcast from his back garden in Essex, with an audience of 5 million, 48 yr old, ex corporate trainer, and father of five, David Ralph’s new book, ‘Podcasters Mastery - the definitive guide to boosting your celebrity with your voice’, gives entrepreneurs and escapees from the corporate drudge, an easy way to get attention in the online marketing noise.

Clear Your Head –Remedial Hypnotist’s New Book gives a radical new approach to controlling anxiety

Press Releases   •   Jan 25, 2018 09:10 GMT

Anxiety in our busy lifestyles has reached unprecedented levels, not least because of social media and awareness of mental health, but because of inadequate understanding of treatment and diagnosis, this very issue drove hands-on Remedial Hypnotist and anxiety specialist Tim Box to write a book, ‘Clear Your Head’ how to enjoy life without anxiety getting in the way.

Award Winning Baking Blogger Book Signing

News   •   Jan 09, 2018 18:57 GMT

It's not every day you get to meet an award winning baking blogger! Britt Whyatt of the 300,000-subscriber strong baking blog SheWhoBakes.co.uk, with awards for her baking expertise piling up has also written her first book, giving would be bakers, like herself a practical guide to starting a home baking enterprise. She'll be signing books at an event on Saturday 27th January, in West Midlands.

"Facebook is the Time Sucker" are you losing time?

Press Releases   •   Jan 01, 2018 11:20 GMT

Technology is, and always has been, sold as a time saving tool, but that isn't the case for most people who use it subconsciously without thinking, that's why Steve Jobs banned his kids from 24 hour access and why recently former Facebook executive Chamath Palihapitiya, said he feels tremendous guilt on how social media could rip society apart. The book 'TECH Off' can help you get your time back.

Use What Is There!

Blog posts   •   Dec 29, 2017 07:39 GMT

As the meteorological expert Donald Trump uses his observational mastery to tweet that cold weather is an obvious denial of all the overwhelming evidence, Communication, presentation and influence subconscious Author Jonathan Chase, was woken by heavy rain which reminded him of a weather story to illustrate taking the opportunity.

Starve The Monster: Counsellor’s New Book Equips Professionals to Kill their Destructive Addiction Thinking

Press Releases   •   Dec 18, 2017 16:01 GMT

Written from decades of research and clinical practice by Functional Using Expert, Dr Hugh Quigley, ‘Starve The Monster: A Powerful Process To Kill Your Addiction Thinking’ brings busy professionals and anyone else with addiction a new lease of life. “If you are using drugs to ease your situation you can change, take your life back from the monster that is your drug of choice."

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