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Bring nature indoors with IKEA

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Bring nature indoors with IKEA

Hi there,

At IKEA we recognise the role of nature in our everyday life and its power to give us balance, a sense of calm and boost health and wellbeing.

The summer months bring a burst of new energy with an abundance of greenery and flowering plants, so what better time to bring these lush green tones and organic shapes into the home.

At IKEA, we have a wide range of affordable and stylish products to make your home flourish, bring you closer to nature and harnessing the beauty of the outdoors through your interiors.

Clotilde Passalacqua, Interior Design Manager at IKEA UK and Ireland says:

“Summer is a wonderful opportunity to enrich your home with inspiration taken from the natural world. From sustainable materials paired with vibrant colours, to botanical prints and plant displays, there are many quick and easy ways to bring the great outdoors into the home.”

“Bold nature-inspired prints work well to evoke the calming emotions associated with the outdoors, with IKEA’s leaf-patterned ALPKLÖVER curtains and cosy HILDIGARD rug imitating the green surroundings of a serene forest.”

“For a more tropical twist, bring a touch of wilderness to your interiors with the NÄBBFLY cushion cover with its colourful tropical bird print. Made of 100% cotton from more sustainable sources, this decorative update will give plenty of style and extra comfort, being an easy and affordable way to refresh a sofa or bed.”

“Dream away to faraway places under the sun-bleached print of IKEA’s SKOGSFIBBLA quilt cover. Featuring a bird of the tropics among lush greenery and exotic plants, the quilt cover captures the summer mood perfectly.”

“Finally, blur the lines between indoors and outdoors by incorporating greenery into your interiors that will help boost the room’s mood. Whether that’s fresh or artificial, plants help create a calming yet vibrant atmosphere, with IKEA’s DYPSIS LUTESCENS being a lush and lovely option that adds a pop of natural colour.”

Please find a selection of products from IKEA below. For more information and for high-res imagery, please do get in touch. To explore more new wonders, visit






Organise newspapers, photos and other memorabilia in this easy to pull out rattan basket


Potted Plant


Help purify the air and boost your well-being with this lush potted plant


Cushion cover


Add a splash of tropical vibes with this colourful cushion cover made of 100% cotton from more sustainable sources


Quilt cover and pillowcase


Sleep comfortably in this fresh cotton quilt cover and pillowcase that gets softer with every wash


Net bag


Hang plants in these stylish net bags which allow air to circulate giving them the optimum conditions to thrive




Let daylight in whilst maintaining some privacy with these curtains made from sustainable cotton and viscose mix material


Artificial leaf


Always having a fresh-looking bouquet without the cost or maintenance with this lifelike artificial leaf. You can bend and adjust the flower any way you want because of the steel wire in the stem




Imagine walking in a lush garden with this easy to care for stain-resistant leafy rug


Potted plant


Create a relaxing oasis with this fast-growing plant


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