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Bring nature into the home through textiles with IKEA

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Bring nature into the home through textiles with IKEA

When updating your home, you don’t need to make huge changes. With the smallest of new additions, you can easily spruce up your interiors to suit the season. Welcoming in new and fresh textiles is one of the simplest yet most impactful ways of doing this, breathing new life into your interiors to suit the warmer months.

With IKEA’s offering of beautiful textiles coming in a variety of textures, patterns and colours, it’s never been easier to embrace nature and exude a fresh floral spirit in the home.

Carole McSeveny, Sales Leader for Textiles for IKEA UK and Ireland, says:

“With spring approaching, it’s a wonderful opportunity to refresh our interiors and bring an element of the outdoors inside. Floral textiles are a simple and affordable way to emulate the tranquil and comforting essence of nature into one’s interiors, instilling a serene ambiance in one’s living spaces.

“Create a romantic yet subtle look with the PRAKTBRÄCKA quilt cover, with its embroidered details inspired by 18th century patterns from the Museum of Printed Textiles in France. Even better, you can enjoy its softness and cosiness knowing that 100% of the cotton comes from more sustainable sources. To help create a tranquil oasis at home, the JUNIMAGNOLIA quilt cover and pillowcase is another great option, with its warm earthy tone and natural material ensuring a good night’s sleep.”

“Furthermore, add a whimsical touch with IKEA’s ROTFJÄRIL cushion cover. Its delicate butterfly design makes it a statement piece that works across the whole home from bedroom to living room, with its ramie material giving a rustic feel.”

“In addition to floral patterns, leaf prints are a lovely way to add a lush ambiance to one’s home. Simply drape IKEA’s ALPKLÖVER curtains and roll out the HILDIGARD rug to make you feel cocooned in a woodland environment.”

Please find a selection of nature-inspired textiles from IKEA below. For more information and for high-res imagery, please do get in touch. To explore more new wonders, visit



Quilt cover and 2 pillowcases

Bring floral patterns into the home with ease with a bedding update
Cushion cover

This charming and bold butterfly design will help bring the outdoors into your living space

These curtains are the perfect spring update for your living room or bedroom
Quilt cover and pillowcase

Soft and earthy tones make this bedding ideal for welcoming in the new season

Step into nature with this striking rug with a leafy design
Cushion cover

Add a bold yet delicate statement with this cushion cover

Get creative and make your own floral creation with this patterned fabric
Quilt cover and 2 pillowcases

The flowers seem to be floating on a gentle breeze, bringing a fresh and airy feeling to any room
Quilt cover and 2 pillowcases

This bedding feels crisp and cool against the skin, allowing the most peaceful slumbers


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