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Spokesperson Spotlight with Hege Sæbjørnsen: Get Growing with IKEA

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Spokesperson Spotlight with Hege Sæbjørnsen: Get Growing with IKEA

Hi there,

Sustainability is integral to everything we do at IKEA, from the materials we use in our products, to offering easy and affordable ways to reduce waste and be more energy efficient at home. We want to inspire change and enable the many to make more sustainable choices every day.

As the sustainability manager for IKEA UK & Ireland, I’m passionate about helping, showing and inspiring our customers to enact long-term impactful change.

One fantastic way to make a positive impact is growing your own food at home, and this has never been easier thanks to IKEA’s range of products helping you grow your own produce both indoors and outdoors.

For those who are new to gardening, hydroponics are a simple and fun way to start growing your own food to become more self-sufficient. Using just water, light, seeds and a few added ingredients, IKEA’s KRYDDA VÄXER gardening kit will help you grow your own organic produce indoors all year round, perfect for those who don’t have a garden or have limited outdoor space.

IKEA’s SOCKER greenhouse also provides a great environment for seeds to sprout and plants to grow, letting you pre-grow herbs and veggies indoors before placing them in larger pots outside.

Furthermore, the NISSAFORS trolley is perfect for placing your herbs and vegetables by the window when you want them to grow, easily moving them to the kitchen countertop when it’s time to cook.

Another easy way to grow food with limited space is making the most of vertical space through shelving. IKEA’s HYLLIS shelves can hold plenty of pots with enough room to allow tall plants to grow. Made from galvanised steel, this sturdy unit can be placed indoors or outdoors, with a zip on and off cover to keep things cosy when green sprouts need a bit of extra nurturing.

Ensure that your plants are well-watered using the stylish and super functional VATTENKRASSE watering can. Its elegant gold handle and sleek design means you won’t have to hide it away, serving as a great reminder to ensure your plants are well looked after!

Finally, even if you don’t have the time to water daily, the IKEA PS FEJÖ self-watering plant pot will help to make sure your plant still thrives. Simply pour water into the top spout, and watch your plant take water as it needs to stay perfectly hydrated.

For more information and tips on how to grow your own food at home, please do get in touch.




Provide a nurturing environment to help plants grown with this stylish greenhouse

Watering can

Ensure your plants are always tended to with this stylish watering can


Easily move your plants from window to kitchen once they’re ready for cooking


Shelving unit with cover

Create a small greenhouse indoors/outdoors with this shelving unit and protective cover 


3-piece gardening set

Colourful and sturdy, these gardening tools are made of hard wearing, durable materials


Grow kit

Grow your own vegetable garden indoors 365 days a year with this easy kit



Give your plants the nutrients they need to become strong and healthy with this fertiliser


Shelving unit

Stack plants indoors or outdoors on this sturdy shelving unit


Self-watering plant pot

Keep soil moist and help plants thrive with this self-watering pot


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