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Weave your way with woven textures at IKEA

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Weave your way with woven textures at IKEA

Hi there,

From seagrass and rattan to jute and bamboo, this spring/summer is all about woven raw and natural materials, incorporating a rustic and handcrafted look into your interiors, whilst also being more environmentally friendly.

This texture trend is all about embracing nature, with IKEA having a variety of versatile and timeless products to help instil a tranquil ambience in the home, from decorative storage and accessories to stylish lighting.

Clotilde Passalacqua, Interior Design Leader at IKEA UK and Ireland says:

“Texture plays an important role in establishing our aesthetic, as well as being a great and easy way to experiment and update your personal style. Woven textures add both personality and depth, welcoming the comforting essence of nature into one’s interiors.”

“A simple way to incorporate this trend into your home is using accessories, with the sturdiness and flexibility of woven materials working extremely well for storage solutions. Keep magazines and books organised with IKEA’s BUSKBO magazine stand. Handwoven in rattan, the stand is airy and sturdy, meaning it can be easily carried to different reading corners in the home for a change of scene.”

“Furthermore, IKEA’s TJILLEVIPS basket collection is made from six different materials including banana fibre and poplar woven and handcrafted by skilled artisans. Each piece is unique with its natural colour shifts and expression, adding a personal touch to your space.”

“Lighting is another great way to incorporate woven textures into the home, creating a different effect with the dispersion of light. IKEA’s beautiful sea grass TORARED pendant lamp shade will ease the mind and relax the senses, with its organic feel creating a countryside aesthetic in the home. Made from sustainable materials, simply hang it in the dining room or living room and allow its design to cast harmonic shadows around the room. Alternatively, the MISTERHULT table lamp is made from renewable and biodegradable bamboo, with both the lighter and darker parts of bamboo having been used, allowing 65% of the raw material to be used instead of 20%.”

“Finally, textiles are another easy and affordable way to add a touch of woven textures to your home. IKEA’s KNIPPARV cushion, for example, is woven in cosy chenille that’s ultra-soft against the skin, whilst its golden classic stripes add a touch of rustic glamour.”

Please find a selection of woven products from IKEA below. For more information and for high-res imagery, please do get in touch. To explore more new wonders, visit



Magazine stand

Tidy away books and magazines in this lightweight stand
Table lamp

Create a calming ambience with this bamboo table lamp
Pendant lamp shade

Natural colour variations add depth to this seagrass pendant lampshade

Add a decorative touch with this multi-functional flexible basket

Hang this poplar woven panel mirror for a warm yet modern look
Carpet beater

Embrace spring cleaning with this decorative carpet beater

Laundry basket

Help declutter your bedroom by storing your laundry in this rustic basket

Add a decorative touch with this ultra-soft chenille cushion

Unwind in this lightweight and sturdy armchair


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