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Get smart around the home with IKEA

News   •   Jul 04, 2019 14:29 BST

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Technology is becoming increasingly integrated into our homes, making our lives both easier and more efficient. Adding small yet smart touches to your interiors from IKEA’s Home Smart range can go a long way to make everyday life at home that little bit easier.

IKEA’s range of smart products, from speakers and charging pads, to bulbs and light panels, are cleverly designed with both style and functionality in mind - meaning you can get truly smart around the house, saving time, money and energy.

Evanthia Nikoglou, Home Smart Sales Leader, IKEA UK and Ireland says:

“Sound is a powerful mood booster and is as important for creating the perfect atmosphere at home as any rug, art piece, or sofa. Designed in collaboration with Sonos, the new SYMFONISK speakers blend effortlessly into the home in a versatile way, allowing you to really set the mood within your home by furnishing with sound. The speakers can also be used with the SYMFONSIK remote, which allows users to control play and volume without their phone”.

“Providing both light and high-quality acoustics, the SYMFONISK table lamp allows you to get lost in sound around the house, whether that be blasting out your favourite album or getting stuck into a podcast. The SYMFONISK book-shelf speaker is a connected, multi-functional speaker at an affordable price – whether you tuck it away in and amongst your belongings or proudly mount it to the wall on full display, the sleek design will add a touch of modern cool to your interiors”.

“What’s more, IKEA also offers a range of smart bulbs that allow you to create a totally customised lighting design in your home. From changing the temperature of the light, to changing the hue completely, the TRÅDFRI smart bulb is a small yet significant change to your interiors that can make all the difference in creating the mood you desire. Additionally, the TRÅDFRI app allows you to design your own lighting system and group IKEA products together, creating one harmonious and connected home”.

Please find a selection of products from IKEA’s Home Smart range below.

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JORMLIEN LED light door w wireless control
Lamp speaker

A dynamic combination of light and sound, the SYMFONISK lamp speaker blends effortlessly into the home

Book-shelf speaker

The multifunctional SYMFONISK book-shelf speaker provides great sound as well as a means to organise and store your belongings

LED light door with wireless control

The JORMLIEN light door can be dimmed up or down and set the scene for cooking, reading, watching TV or working

RIGGAD LED work lamp w wireless charging NORDMÄRKE Wireless charger ENEBY Portable bluetooth speaker
LED work lamp with wireless charging

Perfect for your bedside table, the RIGGAD LED lamp doubles up as both a light and phone charger

Wireless charger

A handy little charge pad to place around the house, simply place your smartphone or tablet on the NORDMÄRKE to boost battery power

Portable Bluetooth Speaker

With this portable speaker you can enjoy music anywhere at home – and bring it along with you wherever you go thanks to the rechargeable batteries

TRÅDFRI Dimming kit FLOALT LED light panel w wireless control TRÅDFRI Signal repeater
Dimming kit

With the TRÅDFRI kit you can use the wireless dimmer to turn on and off, and dim, so you always have the right light and mood at home

LED light panel with wireless control

The FLOALT light panel brings light to your darkest spaces – connect one or more and steer the light via your remote or smartphone

Signal repeater

Expand and extend the range of the signal from IKEA’s smart products with this handy signal repeater

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