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IKEA Art Event 2019: Make a statement with bold rugs in the home

News   •   Feb 28, 2019 11:18 GMT

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This May, IKEA is continuing its quest to make great art accessible to everyone, by launching the ‘Art Event 2019’ collection; the fifth edition of an annual, limited edition range of products curated in collaboration with international artists. This year, the collection comprises of bespoke, handmade rugs designed by eight contemporary artists from countries around the world, including Japan, Poland and the USA.

Henrik Most, Creative Leader for the collection commented:

“Looking back, rugs have a long tradition of being perceived as art rather than something we primarily choose for function. This collection gave us the opportunity to explore the traditions, but place them in more of a modern, contemporary context.”

Combining age-old tapestry techniques with avant-garde fashion and tattoo art, these statement rugs are guaranteed to make your home interiors pop. As each artist has their own creative expression and culture, the IKEA Art rugs also offer eight very different ways to personalise your space, no matter the style.

Clotilde Passalacqua, Interior Design Leader from IKEA UK and Ireland added:

“The IKEA Art Event 2019 collection is truly unique. Incorporating these statement rugs into your home will be sure to not only wow your guests, but they can also add an artistic touch to any room. What’s more, as each of the rugs are handmade using wool and natural materials, no two designs are identical, so they make the perfect product for expressing individuality in the home.”

For more information on the rugs and high res images please do get in touch and to explore more new wonders visit

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IKEA Art Event 2019
Designer: Misaki Kawai
Misaki Kawai was inspired to create a rug built around something silly and fun and thus designed the rug of big cats
IKEA Art Event 2019
Designer: SupaKitch
SupaKitch wanted to play with the concept of the classic animal rug and did this through the snake, a spiritual animal that heals and represents rebirth after shedding its skin
IKEA Art Event 2019
Designer: Craig Green
Craig Green’s rug explores the idea of paradise, escaping reality and creating a portal to transport us to somewhere better
IKEA Art Event 2019
Designer: Noah Lyon
Noah’s rug depicts the whirlwind of interconnected life as our world tumbles through the universe
IKEA Art Event 2019
Designer: Chiaozza
American artist duo, Chiaozza’s rug is inspired by spring time scenes in the deserts of the American southwest
IKEA Art Event 2019
Designer: Filip Pagowski
Filip’s rug was inspired by the notion of weaving and the abstract rhythm of an endless pattern built on the same grid
IKEA Art Event 2019
Designer: Seeulgi Lee
Seeulgi Lee wanted to bring ‘the light of water inside’ with her rug as she believes all rugs have the potential to define a space
IKEA Art Event 2019
Designer: Virgil Abloh
Virgil Abloh’s contribution to the collection is an ironic take on overbearing parents who protect the furniture at any cost

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