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Live more sustainably with IKEA

News   •   Mar 21, 2019 14:14 GMT

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The Swedish phrase “Lagom är bäst” means “the right amount is best”, and we at IKEA believe that’s the key to sustainable living. Many people around the world are already changing how they live for the better, but there is so much more to be done. Making the smallest tweaks around the home can have a huge impact, especially when it comes to homeware, food waste and becoming more self-sufficient. IKEA has an extensive range of sustainably sourced, renewable products that will help you on your journey to leading a more sustainable lifestyle.

Hege Sæbjørnsen, IKEA UK & Ireland's Country Sustainability Manager says:

“Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do at IKEA and our ambition is to inspire and enable more people to live a better everyday life within the limits of the planet. A few simple tweaks and changes is all it takes to create an inviting, renewable, eco-friendly living space.”

“Limiting food waste, going plastic free and growing your own plants are just a few ways to make your lifestyle more sustainable. With separate sections to sort leftover food, recycling and general waste, IKEA’s VARIERA bins are an easy way to monitor your wastage in a way that works for you.”

“Reducing the amount of plastic you use is easy with IKEA’s stylish 365+ food storage range. The glass and bamboo containers come in several shapes and sizes that are great for storing everyday kitchen essentials and are guaranteed to make your cooked food stay fresher for longer, minimising food waste. If you’re conscious about the amount of single use plastic you’re using, why not keep hydrated on the go with IKEA’s 365+ water bottle. Made from durable recycled materials, the bottle has been designed to withstand everyday wear and tear and last longer.”

“Whether you were born with a green thumb or not, it’s easy to grow your own plants at home with IKEA’s KRYDDA/VÄXER range. With special cultivation lights, fertiliser, pumice stones and a built-in shelf that allows for airflow, the kit guarantees the perfect amount of water, light and shelter is given to your plants. They are perfect for smaller, urban homes that lack natural light.”

“Take another step closer to a more sustainable future by welcoming IKEA’s HILJA curtains into your living area. Made from recycled PET bottles, this collection reduces the consumption of new raw materials, whilst welcoming soft textures and colours into your home.”

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RYET LED bulb  £0.90 KRYDDA/VÄXER Grow kit with 8 pots, 1 tier £64.50 HILJA  Curtain  £12
LED bulb

This energy saving LED light bulb uses 85% less energy and can be sure to brighten your home for up to 20 years.
Grow kit with 8 pots, 1 tier

Grow your own plants at home with the help of this nursery kit.

Made from recycled PET bottles, these curtains are green in more ways than one.
VARIERA Ventilated waste sorting bin £5 BITTERGURKA  Hanging planter £8 IKEA 365+ Jar with lid £5.75
Ventilated waste sorting bin

Monitor your food waste with the VARIERA sorting bin. The holes along the sides make it easy to ventilate and dry out organic waste.
Hanging planter

Use this hanging planter to show off the herbs you’ve grown at home.
IKEA 365+
Jar with lid

Reduce your food waste with this sleek glass container, sure to keep your food fresher for longer and lower your use of foil and cling film in the kitchen.

KUNGSBACKA Door £22 NYVATTNET Kitchen mixer tap £90 IKEA 365+ Water bottle £2

IKEA’s KUNGSBACKA kitchen units are stylish and sustainable, having been made from recycled wood and PET bottles.
Kitchen mixer tap

This tap adds a luxurious look and feel to your kitchen whilst saving water and energy thanks to its innovative design. 
IKEA 365+
Water bottle

Take this durable, reusable water bottle on the go to reduce the amount of single use plastic you use.

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