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May the awards season be upon us

Blog post   •   Aug 22, 2012 10:59 BST

Andrew Nugée, London.  imagineear enters the award season with much hope and no little trepidation.

As magazine subscription revenues decline, so the numbers of awards ceremonies proliferates.  They tend to dine and shine in the longer colder months, but apart from this it's the publishing industry's response to the Reading Festival.  And we have succumbed.  Not without qualms it has to be said.  I was told once that often the first crack in the edifice of an otherwise perfectly stable UK company was to be awarded the Queen's Award for Export.  As I had just achieved this signal honour at the time, I watched and waited with some trepidation - and lived, just, to tell the tale.

So again, with awards.  We have entered our Arsenal tour, of which we are quite disproportionately proud, for a Sports Business Most Innovative Use of Technology award, and I will be gutted if we are not short-listed at the very least.  We should also by then have updated the tour to replace van Persie, in itself quite an operation: as I took friends around the stadium yesterday I realised the extent to which he was present, you might almost say van "all-Pervasie", in the script from start to finish.

More gratifyingly perhaps, we have been asked if we would co-enter with our news and social media partners Mynewsdesk for another award: Best Online Newsroom.  All these Mosts and Bests sound quite daunting.  I have no idea whether either of these will come to anything - but then, apart from a nice dinner on a long winter evening, nor whether this is really of much lasting value.  We will see - it's certainly more fun than filling out magazine subscriptions.

Feel free to wish us luck.

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    Good luck!

    - Clark Stiven` - Aug 23, 2012 10:22 BST

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