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Ready? Action! imagineear blogger goes live

Blog post   •   Jul 26, 2012 13:58 BST

Andrew Nugée, London.  The imagineear blog is now open for business.  We will group here posts from the front line – in Singapore, Amsterdam, wherever – and share our thoughts, progress and frustrations.  We may even persuade others occasionally to contribute guest posts.

It is a good moment to highlight a small but important change in our branding.  Imagineear’s support line has for a short while now been ‘Enhancing Visitor Experiences’.  We changed it because we feel this better describes what we do.  We bring passion, emotion and connection to an empty sports stadium on a non-match day; or insight, reflection and opinion to a gallery exhibition; or orientation and explanation to an outdoor garden festival.  In each case, though, our aim is to improve the visitor’s experience.  So we thought we’d say so upfront.

And talking about visitor experiences, our natural market has evolved into three groups.  First up is cultural sites: art galleries, museums and historic sites.  They remain the backbone of the business, and our aim is to offer the best value, most flexible multimedia solutions for large and small sites alike.  Second is sports clubs and stadiums, looking to use outstanding multimedia  to build and deepen the relationship with their fan bases.  And the third is events, whether a single day, or six months long, and super-high production value brand experiences.  You will find examples of all of these elsewhere on the website.

For each of our clients, imagineear is as turnkey as they need.  We can provide all or just part of the solution.  No doubt we’ll cover this – and much more - in future posts.  For the time being though, we’ll just get back to our knitting, helping our clients to enhance their visitors’ experiences.

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