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Calling all stations: Announcing the imagineear partner network, Commercial Director Ziv Kushnir predicts accelerating growth for imagineear

Press Release   •   Oct 29, 2012 15:29 GMT

London. imagineear announces the rollout of its international partnership programme, the imagineear Network. The tiered programme allows both new and existing market participants to work alongside and with support from imagineear teams based in London and Amsterdam.

“Working with partners is key to our success. Together we can grow their business and ours; we don’t need to do this alone.” is the message from Ziv Kushnir, Founder and Commercial Director of imagineear. “Our belief is that with a full product and service line of content, software, apps and technologies, it’s a shame to keep it to ourselves. With this initiative, we are enabling a network of national and international partners to grow with us”.

The imagineear network, launched today in this Olympic year, offers tiers of engagement and support dubbed Bronze, Silver and Gold (though each in turn part of the imagineear network, and every one a winner …). The benefits include training, production services and translations, access to scale-efficient and bespoke app building, and access to the full range of current and future imagineear technologies, including:  audioPorter™, mediaPacker™, MPtouch™, Digital groupGuide™, smartCharger™, Reptor™ and both over- and behind-the-head headphones, as well as in-ear earphones. For the less experienced or first timers, commercial advice, models and best practice are on hand to help you get started.

The last word goes to imagineear Founder and Chief Executive, Andrew Nugée: “Media is accelerating towards the handheld device, whether to your own phone or to a rental device you use; in museums, sports stadia, visitor attractions, schools and hospitals; in London, Londonderry and London Ontario. We are serious about playing a part in an enormous and largely untapped market opportunity, we have the tools and we recognise we need to share our offer and rewards with partners. We are now ready now to put the network in place.”

For more information about the imagineear network, or to discuss the partnership programme, contact Ziv Kushnir at the details below.

About imagineear

Enhancing Visitor Experiences

imagineear is a young and dynamic full service interpretation company, offering multimedia tours to arts and sporting venues, cultural sites and visitor attractions around the world.  We have a highly experienced team and are based in London, with regional headquarters in Singapore and Amsterdam.  Offering stand-out value for money, we use our experience to drive innovation, and create additional revenue streams from rental and retail models, both on- and off-site.

For more information about imagineear, please visit


Ziv Kushnir, Commercial Director
+44 (0)845 680 7770

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