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The Untold Story of Titanic and Liverpool - National Museums Liverpool and imagineear partner to create first multimedia guide

Press Release   •   Nov 30, 2011 10:45 GMT

For the first time, visitors to the Merseyside Maritime Museum's new exhibition in 2012, titled Titanic and Liverpool: The Untold Story will be able to explore the collection with an interactive multimedia guide from imagineear.  

Told from the perspective of key personalities in the drama, the exhibition will give a unique insight into events surrounding the launch of Titanic, the voyage, the sinking and its aftermath.

Visitors to the Merseyside Maritime Museum will use mediaPacker players from imagineear, who have partnered with National Museums Liverpool for this exhibition, to introduce rich media guides to the Museum for the first time.

The guides will help visitors explore the exhibition featuring previously unseen collections of international significance, including material from Merseyside Maritime Museum's extensive archives.  Particular highlights for visitors will include the chance to see the only known surviving Titanic first class ticket, real letters from passengers, archival images of crew survivors returning to Liverpool, and telegrams from the rescue ship, Carpathia.

The multimedia guides will also feature the museum's existing permanent gallery, the hugely popular Titanic, Lusitania and the Forgotten Empress, to fully immerse visitors in this unique piece of Merseyside's history.

Along the way visitors will be introduced to key figures in the story of Liverpool and Titanic including:

- J Bruce Ismay, chairman of the White Star Line, who controversially survived the disaster in one of the last lifeboats to leave the stricken liner.

- Former Crosby resident Captain Edward Smith, the veteran master approaching retirement when he went down with his ship.

- Chief Officer Henry Wilde, Liverpool-born, who lived in Walton.

- Fred Fleet, abandoned as a child in Liverpool, the lookout who spotted the iceberg. He survived after taking charge of a lifeboat.

- Passenger Gladys Cherry, who survived the sinking and gave a moving first-hand account of the moment the liner struck the iceberg.

- Fireman Fred Barrett, who was in the ship's boiler room number 6, and escaped from the inrushing water.

- Passenger Millie Brown who describes the experience of leaving the stricken ship in a letter written on board the Carpathia.

- Able Seaman Thomas Jones who took charge of number 8 lifeboat and described the rescue of passengers by the Carpathia.

Dr Alan Scarth, exhibition curator and author of Titanic and Liverpool observes of the exhibition: "Not only was the Titanic's sinking a major world event, the tragedy was a bitter blow to the port and the people of Liverpool.  The new exhibition lifts the lid on this largely-overlooked turmoil in the wake of the sinking, which resounds to this day."

Andrew Nugée, imagineear's CEO commented: "We have been fortunate to work on a range of projects around the world coinciding with the centenary of the sinking of the Titanic, but this exhibition is truly unique.  The story of the ship and its connection to Liverpool is no less real for being largely untold.  At imagineear we are excited to use our technology and expertise to help set the record straight.  At the same time, we are honoured to have this opportunity to support the Merseyside Maritime Museum and the National Museums Liverpool."

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