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World Heritage Rock Art Centre in Alta, northern Norway, to show 5,000 year old art on 21st Century mediaPacker

Press Release   •   Oct 19, 2012 15:57 BST

Hjemmeluft, Norway.  AudioGuide AS, imagineear’s Norwegian partner, is providing a unique service to the World Heritage Rock Art Centre in Alta, in Finnmark, on the northern tip of Europe.  Thanks to the mediaPacker the beautiful and expressive rock carvings, rediscovered only in the 1970s, will be brought back to life and to a wider audience, and launched by Summer 2013 with interpretation in Norwegian, English, German and French.

More than 6,000 images have been found on several sites around Alta, carved into the rock over millennia, between 4,000 BC to 500 BC.  An open-air museum complete with a 3km walkway was opened in 1991 in Hjemmeluft (also known as Jiepmaluokta) about 4 km from Alta.  It forms part of Norway's only prehistoric World Heritage Site.

Groups to the museum can book guided tours in different languages.  And for others a written guidebook is available.  But the museum has long seen the need to further develop their interpretation offer, and to reach  out to an even greater audience.  The rock carvings in Alta are very expressive.  There is great variety in the motifs, presented as a series of grander and more intimate narratives.  After several years of focused management, the rock surfaces again serve as exciting and meaningful backdrops for the stories that the indigenous peoples carved into the mountains up to six thousand years ago.

The museum wanted to present the strong visual messages of the carvings as cleanly as possible, and was keen that they would not compete for attention with signage or the guide booklet.  So, since 2010 they have been working on the development of a multimedia guide, which will present the rock art in a new and engaging way.  The visitor will walk at their own pace, be able to take in the art and its surroundings, listen to the stories, and make up their own mind about what they see and hear.  A sound- and music-scape will enhance the stories and facilitate a more intense experience.

Initially, the museum’s principal target group for the multimedia guides is individual museum visitors – although they will offer it to groups, particularly early or late in the tourist season, who have trouble booking guides in their own language.  Over time the multimedia guide will be developed in a number of ways, however.  It will be used by older students, both in the teaching of cultural history and in foreign languages.  The museum plans eventually to simplify the script for smaller children.  And although the mediaPacker is a perfect choice for those without a smartphone today, the scripts will later be used to build Apps for mobile phones.

AudioGuide AS, from Hamar was selected by the museum to undertake this project work, thanks to its extensive experience  of related work for Norwegian museums.  They take care of the entire experience, from script writing through translation, recording, mix and edit production, delivery and installation.  The mediaPacker presents still and moving images as well as audio, and is thus a perfect way to enhance the visitor experience.

About The Alta Museum

The World Heritage Rock Art Centre of the Alta Museum is located in Hjemmeluft, some 4-5 km from the town centre.  Close to the museum is one of the five rock art areas inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1985.  The museum is open year round, but the rock carvings can only be seen in the snow-free season, from May to October.  The target launch date for the World Heritage Rock Carving Multimedia Guide is 1 June 2013.  It will initially be available on the mediaPacker in four languages: Norwegian, English, German and French.

For more information about the Alta Museum, please visit www.


Heidi Johansen, Project Manager
+47 957 37 774


About AudioGuide AS

AudioGuide AS is a creative company located in Hamar, Norway, working principally with museums, art exhibitions, corporates and visitor attractions. AudioGuide stands behind the entire production, from script writing, recording and music / audio production, through to delivery and installation of players.  AudioGuide AS is part of the imagineear network of companies.

For more information about Audioguide AS, please visit


Øyvind Åge Berg, Managing Director
+47 625 30 891


About imagineear

Enhancing Visitor Experiences

imagineear is a young and dynamic full service interpretation company, offering multimedia tours to arts and sporting venues, cultural sites and visitor attractions around the world.  We have a highly experienced team and are based in London, with regional headquarters in Singapore and Amsterdam.  Offering stand-out value for money, we use our experience to drive innovation, and create additional revenue streams from rental and retail models, both on- and off-site.

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Andrew Nugée, Chief Executive
+44 (0)845 680 7770

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