Heating up one of Britain´s top inventions

Press Releases   •   Aug 13, 2018 12:46 BST

Every parent can relate to the sleepless nights and exhaustion of a new born. Every parent struggles with late night feeds. However, not every new parent innovates a new product in the middle of the night, solving these issues, which is then recognised as one of the top 10 British inventions of the decade.

Lesjöfors´ CEO sees a bright future ahead

Press Releases   •   Jun 27, 2018 09:29 BST

The organic growth that started in the second part of 2017 continues in an even stronger way in 2018. We experience prosperity in all our industrial companies, which together with a flourishing aftermarket division give strong tailwind for the group. Lesjöfors’ CEO Kjell-Arne Lindbäck sums up the year so far and looks to the future.

Top delivery performance in Denmark

News   •   Jun 27, 2018 09:26 BST

The Danish Lesjöfors company in Tinglev has shown impressive results in reliable supplies for a long time. Delivery quality measurements show almost a full score year after year, which customers’ value highly.

Transforming with new technologies

News   •   Jun 12, 2018 10:16 BST

A recent investment, making the most of the latest digital technologies managing the day to day running of the business for Lesjöfors company European Springs & Pressings, has empowered staff in the Cornwall factory to rise to the challenge that improvements are perpetual.

Lesjöfors Gas Springs in Latvia speeds up automatization

News   •   Jun 05, 2018 10:34 BST

Lesjöfors has a constant focus on streamlining the production with automatized processes at all units. Consequently, a new piston rod assembling machine for gas springs production has been installed in the Latvian company.

Kiekert awards Lesjöfors Slovakia for outstanding performance

Press Releases   •   May 03, 2018 12:43 BST

For the third time, Lesjöfors Slovakia has been awarded as one of the best suppliers to global company Kiekert. In 2017, Lesjöfors was the second best supplier in Europe.

Springs display Nike trainers on Oxford Street

News   •   Apr 17, 2018 12:44 BST

Springs are used in the most various of fields. Don´t miss out Lesjöfors springs displaying the latest in trainer trends from the iconic sporting brand Nike in the Oxford Street store in London.

Heavy springs caught attention at Dutch fair ESEF

News   •   Apr 06, 2018 08:45 BST

From March 20-23 2018 the ESEF trade fair was held in Utrecht, the Netherlands. The Lesjöfors stand was well-attended and many productive discussions was held with new and existing customers.

Lesjöfors is manufacturing music (!) for the National Theatre

Press Releases   •   Mar 13, 2018 07:44 GMT

Shakespeare said “all the world’s a stage and all the men and women merely players” and for the Cornwall factory of European Springs & Pressings, a company in the Lesjöfors group, this couldn’t be more true.

Valve springs from Lesjöfors in exceptional motor construction

Press Releases   •   Feb 27, 2018 10:34 GMT

In the Mid-Sweden town of Kil, a state of the art car construction project is in progress. The motor enthusiast Pelle Söderström is in the final phase of finishing his childhood dream; the world´s first and only straight 16-cylinder car engine. The gigantic engine contains specially designed valve springs from Lesjöfors.

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