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"Stop bullying me" - An artistic take on an awful behavioural phenomenon; bullying.

Blog post   •   Mar 21, 2015 12:38 GMT

Marcel Schreur, the original Dutch artist is addressing another painful issue in contemporary society. Young or old, rich or poor, strong or weak. In every layer of society we are bearing the brunt of this intimidating behaviour. Marcel says "In essence it is "the right of the strongest". Driving this malignant growth. Often inherited from the past, copied by the young, monetised by the clever. Bullying? Awful!

Marcel, living and working in London, feels very strong about this phenomenon. He says "Although it has happened from on old, I see the acceleration of this behaviour in contemporary society as a fruit of the disintegration of community and the consequent isolation of the individual. Amongst other forms expressions, it is driving the feeling of defending oneself.  Proclaimed in the popular phrase "the best form of defence is attack." He goes on "I believe that this vicious circle, this form of self harm, can only be broken by the realisation that we are in (desperate) need of each other. At some point in our life. Every life. We are confronted by vulnerability through social circumstances, handicap, old age or death. Both the bully and the bullied are in need of help in this vulnerability. Although bullying may bring the presumption of invincibility, every one will find out that they are not as clever as they thought they were."

Schreur says "I am creative, I generate art. I am gifted. I am compelled to share this gift. The essence of art, I think. With this gift I am also telling a story, a good story. I believe this to be my call." The up and coming artist started to paint in his late forties. Only 3.5 years ago. With no artistic background or upbringing. Bleeding his life and experiences onto the canvas. 

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