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Classic cars for sale

Blog post   •   Jun 02, 2016 13:35 BST

Over the past few years as investment returns have diminished in a world of low interest rates, the value of classic cars has rocketed. Maybe these vehicles are just museum pieces and like many masterpieces will seldom get an airing. If you’re rich and own a private stable I dare say you can gain a great deal of personal satisfaction stocking your metal behind closed doors alone or in the company of intimate acquaintances. But surely half the fun of having your money invested in rolling stock as opposed to the bank is that you want to flaunt it from time to time.

I have a friend who has a well stocked cellar and I know that whilst his vintage is maturing both in quality and value, he intends ultimately popping each and every cork. Furthermore when he does bring out the corkscrew he will undoubtedly want to share the experience with friends.

Many European cities are now looking at making it near impossible to drive anything but the lowest emission vehicles in and about their streets. I wonder what will happen to the value of these envied classic jewels if their owners can’t take them for a spin. I guess a lot of people get their kicks behind closed doors but when it comes to being a classic car owner I suspect you’re more likely to be an exhibitionist.

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