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Man arrested after TV stolen in Wavertree

News   •   Sep 16, 2019 14:43 BST

We arrested a man after a report a TV had been stolen from a house in Wavertree on Monday morning.

A report was received at 2.40am that man had entered a house on Bagot Street and taken a TV before making off on foot in the direction of Lawrence Road.

Matrix officers on patrol nearby as part of Op Castle, the force’s operation targeting burglary, attended and located the offender, who was carrying various stolen items.

The TV was located and recovered a short time later under a mattress in an alleyway on Talton Road.

Following a search of the man, a hammer, screwdriver, knife, face covering, gloves and a hat were found, as well as house keys, mobile phones and a cheque stolen during a previous burglary.

A 22-year-old man from Walton was arrested on suspicion of burglary and taken to a police station to be interviewed.

Detective Inspector Steve Ball said: “Home should be a sanctuary, the one place where people have every right to feel safe.

“We know how distressing it can be for victims whose homes are targeted in this way and at Operation Castle, we are committed to arresting and putting before the courts anyone who invade homes in our communities.

“In this case, we were given information that the burglary had just happened and our officers acted swiftly to locate a suspect, and we encourage anyone with information about burglary or where stolen items are being stored to contact us.

“There is also crime prevention advice available on our website and I would particularly ask that people lock all their windows and doors before going to bed, move any vehicle keys away from sight of windows and the reach of letter boxes and lock garden tools in sheds so that they cannot be used to force entry into properties.”

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