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Firework incidents in London

News   •   Nov 01, 2016 19:10 GMT

In the last few days officers in Haringey, Enfield and Camden have had fireworks aimed towards them whilst dealing with anti-social behaviour incidents.

Police in Haringey were called to Vartry Rd, N15 at 21:24hrs on Monday, 31 October following reports of fireworks being thrown at members of the public by youths wearing masks.

Officers attended and themselves became the target by the youths firing fireworks at the public.

No officers or members of the public were injured. One youth was detained in relation to this incident and released after questioning.

A detailed anti-social behaviour report has been submitted to the local Safer Neighbourhood Team for action.

Police are aware of footage of this incident being posted online.

Enquiries are ongoing.

Separately, police in Enfield were called to Hertford Road, Enfield at 21:46hrs on Monday, 31 October following reports of a large group of youths firing fireworks in a public place.

Officers attended and found up to 50 youths firing fireworks recklessly in the street towards vehicles, local businesses and members of the public.

The road was temporarily closed as police attempted to disrupt the group armed with fireworks.

Officers then became the target for the youths who fired a number of fireworks at police. Many of these narrowly missed the officers at the scene.

The group then dispersed. No arrests were made. A criminal damage report was completed after a local business was damaged as a result of fireworks thrown.

Enquiries are ongoing.

Officers in Camden have also come under attack by groups armed with fireworks. At 23:12hrs on Saturday, 29 October police in Camden were called to a Community Centre in Torriano Avenue, NW5 following reports of large crowds.

Officers attended and established that the crowd had gathered for a birthday party. A short while later officers received reports of a firearm spotted in the crowd.

At this stage, officers withdrew and armed police were requested to attend.

As officers withdrew, parts of the crowd threw fireworks and other objects towards police.

Armed police then attended. No firearm was recovered.

Three officers received minor injuries as a result of the incident and were treated at the scene.

Officers made three arrests following this incident:

A 16 -year-old male [A] was arrested on suspicion of Violent Disorder, attempted GBH with intent, firework offences and Theft;

A 15-year-old male [B] was arrested on suspicion of Intentional Harassment Alarm or Distress, Violent Disorder, firework offences, assault a police officer amounting to Actual Bodily Harm and Handling Stolen Goods;

A 16-year-old male [C] was arrested on suspicion of Violent Disorder and Possession of an Offensive Weapon.

Upon arrest all three were taken to a north London police station for questioning. The 16-year-old male [A] has been bailed to a date in mid-December. The other two youths arrested have been bailed to a date in early December.

Using fireworks in the street and public areas place pose a huge danger to members of the public. An eight-year-old child had her clothing marked by a firework after they were set off in the direction of members of the public in Cranwich Road, N16 at approximately 19:45hrs on Friday, 21 October. There were no reported injuries on this occasion but the incident highlights the real harm that could be inflicted by those who use fireworks so recklessly.

Commander Julian Bennett, lead for the Autumn Nights Campaign said:

"In the last week officers across London have responded to a number of incidents where fireworks have been used in an anti-social and dangerous manner. It is totally unacceptable to aim fireworks at any person. It is an offence to throw or let-off a firework in any street or public place. It is also illegal to possess fireworks in a public place if you're under 18. Anyone caught committing firework related offences will be arrested and taken into police custody.

"All 32 London boroughs have a local plan in place, drawing together experience and successful tactics from previous years as well as managing planned events in their areas, focusing our resources in the right places and working closely and continually with our partners and communities.

"Test purchasing operations regarding the sale of fireworks, alcohol and over the counter weapons will also be taking place. Any proprietors found in breach of licensing laws will be dealt with robustly.

"I would like to stress that our operations are not aimed at demonising young people, the large majority of whom behave safely and responsibly. However those intent on committing crime and anti-social behaviour will face the consequences."

+ Firework safety reminders:

- You must be over 18 to buy fireworks.

- It is illegal to possess fireworks in a public place if you're under 18.

- It is an offence to throw or let-off a firework in a street or public place.

- If you let off fireworks between 23:00 and 07:00hrs, you will be breaking the law (except on Bonfire Night when it extends to midnight).

- You must be over 18 to buy fireworks and it is an offence to throw or let-off a firework in a street or public place. Our advice is to go to a publically organised firework display and enjoy the spectacle without the safety concerns of organising your own event.