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Met response to HMIC report into children and vulnerable people

News   •   Dec 15, 2015 00:01 GMT

The Metropolitan Police Service is fully committed to our role in improving the safety of children and vulnerable people in London.

We are glad that HMIC has recognised the considerable work done in recent years, stating that the Metropolitan Police Service:

- "has effective systems in place to identify vulnerable people"
- "has clear processes in place to identify risk"
- "responds well to vulnerable victims"
- "provides a good response to missing and absent children"
- "has good understanding of the needs of people who are vulnerable because of domestic abuse"
- "has a good understanding of child sexual abuse"

The public should be reassured that HMIC reports "the police officers whom we met and who respond to vulnerable people are sympathetic and knowledgeable". "The public can be confident that many victims are well supported". We know crimes inflicted against vulnerable victims often go unreported and we encourage people to come forward, knowing that we will support them with professionalism and compassion.

We will continue to work with partner agencies who also have important responsibilities, to continue to strengthen the safeguarding of vulnerable people, the service to vulnerable victims and preventing instances of domestic abuse, child sexual exploitation and missing children.