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Misconduct allegations against officers not proven

News   •   Aug 12, 2019 11:28 BST

Allegations of misconduct against two officers have been found as not proven.

It was alleged that PC Matthew Bond and PC A, attached to the West Area Command Unit, were involved in the stop and search of a vehicle in January 2014.

During the course of the stop and search they had come into conflict with a member of the public: both verbally and physically.

This resulted in an arrest using force, further custody procedures and court proceedings for the individual stopped.

It was alleged that in doing so PC Bond and PC A breached the Standards of Professional Behaviour in respect of ‘honesty and integrity’, ‘use of force’, ’authority, respect and courtesy’, ‘challenging and reporting improper conduct’ and ‘orders and instructions’.

The panel, led by an independent legally qualified chair, found all of the allegations not proven.