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New figures show the Met is continuing to reduce burglary in London

News   •   Jan 19, 2017 12:48 GMT

Quarterly crime figures for forces in England and Wales released today, Thursday 19 January, by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) show the Metropolitan Police is continuing to reduce burglary in the Capital.

Overall, the figures for the 12 months from September 2015 to September 2016 show the Met has achieved decreases in burglary (an overall 2.3 percent decrease; with residential burglary down 2.3 percent and non-residential burglary decreasing by 2.4 percent); and the category of "all other theft" - 2.8 percent decrease.

Where crimes have decreased in the Met, the reductions were generally greater than those seen across both England and Wales (E&W) and the Most Similar Group (MSG) - Greater Manchester, West Midlands, West Yorkshire.

Where crime increased, it was mostly by a smaller amount than the rest of the country.

The reductions represent a continued downward trend, with burglary offences at their lowest level since the mid-1970s. There were 1,040 fewer residential offences in total for the 12 months to the end of September 2016 compared to the preceding year. This is in contrast to increases in our MSG (on average up 10.3 percent) and across the rest of the E&W as a whole ( up 4.4 percent).

Total recorded crime in the Met has increased by 4.7 percent over the comparison period, continuing the small Met increase reported at the time of the last quarterly release. This is smaller than the rest of E&W and the MSG, which were greater than the Met increase: 9.8 percent and 12.1 percent respectively. Despite recent increases, many crime types remain much lower than in 2011/12, including a more than 40 percent reduction in robbery over that period.

The ONS acknowledges that, in part at least, changes and improvements in crime recording have led to the number of recorded violent offences increasing.

In the Met for the year to the end of September recorded violence against the person went up by 9.8 percent. This compares with an increase of 26.2 percent for the MSG and 24.8 percent rise across the rest of E&W as a whole.

The MPS, along with the majority of other forces shows a larger increase in violence without injury, than violence with injury.

The number of recorded sexual offences saw an increase of 10 percent. In recent years the positive effect of Operation Yewtree and similar cases has been a major factor in increased confidence of victims to come forward. Improvements and changes to crime recording also affect figures for these offences.

There were seven fewer homicides in the MPS over the timescale - 12 months to September 2016 compared to a year earlier (113 vs 106), remaining close to London’s lowest levels: the 2014 calendar year saw the lowest number of homicides in the Met (91) for 45 years.

Assistant Commissioner Martin Hewitt, Territorial Policing, said: "Continued reductions in burglary are a significant achievement, and initiatives like MetTrace are an example of how we are working to prevent crime.

"Where we have seen rises in offences, this appears to be reflective of a national trend, and I am proud that as the largest police force in the country we have seen smaller increases in many areas than other forces. We will continue to focus on targeting offenders, supporting victims and working closely with communities.

"Dealing with crime is of course only one facet of what we do as a police force - with much of our efforts focused on safeguarding the vulnerable, counter terrorism investigations, and facilitating the hundreds of events that take place in our capital every year."