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New Task Force to target violent crime

News   •   Apr 07, 2018 17:52 BST

The Met has recently announced a new Violent Crime Task Force composed of full-time, specially selected, ring-fenced and dedicated police officers, who will solely focus on violent crime, weapon-enabled crime and serious criminality.

The team will use a full range of tactics to identify, target and arrest offenders, and leave a legacy of community impact in the boroughs they are deployed to.

These will include covert and overt tactics specifically targeting street level offenders as well as those who feed criminality.

The unit will be supported by Borough officers, the Trident and Area Crime Command and specialist units, as well as community partners. This approach will deliver policing above and below ground allowing a sustained and targeted approach to stopping and solving murders and knife crimes.

Uniformed officers will be highly visible as they crack down on offending on the capital's streets.

+ The Met has previously been running Operation Sceptre with two proactive teams in North and South London who focus alternately between knife crime, violent crime and moped-enabled crime.